How To Get Rid Of Canine Worms Safely

How To Get Rid Of Canine Worms Safely

Canine Worms


Treating Canine WormsCanine worms are a common malady that many of our furry friends have to deal with. Often, the dogs are infected in birth and they carry it with them until adulthood if nothing is done about them. There are many treatments available to cure these internal parasites, but it would be wise to study what you give your dogs so as not to aggravate their current situation.

Too often, when a dog is prescribed with having worms, the conventional treatment is to go to a pharmaceutical company and get a specific medication that kills the worms. Now, while it may serve its immediate purpose for a while, you are actually doing your dog a disservice when you do so. Giving him medications and drugs will more likely make him develop health complications that will not be easily repaired in the long run.

Why is that? Well, think about it. Many of these drugs contain chemicals that are similar to those found in pesticides. So if you are always giving your dogs these medications, as you should in de-worming practices, you are slowly poisoning your dog without even knowing it. Some long term health effects of giving your dog toxins as found in pesticides are: cancer, nervous system disorders, kidney damage, internal bleeding, lack of coordination, depression, seizures, excess production of saliva and tears, thyroid problems, vision abnormalities, headaches and nausea.

Getting Rid of Canine Worms Holistically

Treating Canine WormsNow I know that sounds really bad but the good news is, there are safer methods on treating dog worms. Look for holistic vets who are familiar in what herbs to use to cure specific internal problems in dogs. When you use organic products instead of chemicals, you are prolonging the life of your pet and giving him a better quality of life as well.

Neem leaves are a great example of safe and effective de-worming remedies for canines. They have natural properties that kill internal parasites without harming the dog’s systems. Moreover, this natural Indian folk medicine has been known to cure skin diseases, inflammation, urinary tract disorders, fever and diarrhea. Look for supplements that have neem leaves or other equally helpful herbs in the ingredients.

Treating Canine Worms

Treating Canine WormsIt is very important to treat your dogs when you discover that they do have worms. Canine tape worms and round worms are often transferred to humans because of poor hygiene and accidental ingestion. Children especially are more prone to contract these internal parasites. When these worms are allowed to mature and multiply, this can cause serious intestinal problems. For dogs, it can even cause their deaths.

You can avoid this from happening by making sure that your home and backyard are rid of feces as soon as possible. Feces are a breeding ground for canine worms and when your dog takes a nip at it, you can be relatively sure he has ingested some of these eggs. Wash your hands thoroughly when handling your pet and sanitize his living area (crate, beddings, etc.) as often as possible with saline solution to reduce worm population significantly.

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