Causes and Treatments For Dog Itching

Causes and Treatments For Dog Itching

treatments for dog itchingI know dogs scratching themselves are a fairly common sight. There are times though that his itchiness is a little more severe than usual. Many dogs scratch so much that they do not get relief at night even causing them to develop wounds and scars from it. Does this sound like your pet? If so, find out the causes and possible treatments for dog itching in this helpful article today.

In order to know how to cure your dog’s itch, you need to isolate the problem and find the exact cause for it. Excessive scratching can be because of a number of reasons but one of the most common ones is the presence of mange and fleas on his body. The vet may have to do some skin scraping to verify if this is the case.

While both parasites are extremely annoying, the difference between mange and fleas is that the latter is external while mange resides on the outer surface of the animal’s skin. Ease mange bites by applying yogurt, olive oil or lemon juice over red and infected spots. Use essential oils to rub in your dog’s skin to repel fleas. Be sure to bathe them frequently with mild shampoos and brush out their coat regularly as well.treatments for dog itching

Allergies are another possible cause of itching in dogs. It may be that he is allergic to certain food ingredients, detergents, pollens, etc. It may take a few weeks to determine what the actual origin of his allergic reaction is. It is best to ask the advice of a vet who is well-informed in dermatology for the appropriate treatment for this.

A dog that itches a lot may be the result of dry skin, which is a symptom of a nutritional deficiency. Take an inventory of the food ingredients that you are serving him. The best kind of diet to give dogs is a raw food diet. Fresh meat, vegetables and fruits have valuable vitamins and nutrients which not only boost his immune systemaE”  it will improve his skin condition as well.

Life's Abundance Dog FoodNow, if you are unable to prepare a natural diet for your pet you can give him healthy dog food instead. Don’t buy those random commercial pet feed in grocery stores, find a premium and healthy brand that is rich in essential minerals that he needs. Life’s Abundance dog food is one such brand. This brand is created by a holistic veterinarian familiar with the safest food processing procedures and the healthiest ingredients. Serve your dog premium quality healthy dog food and watch him transform into a more handsome dog in no time at all.

Sometimes, dog itching is a symptom of dog anxiety. If you think this is the case, then find ways to make your home environment as calming as possible. Certain herbs like lavender encourage relaxation. Gently massage your dog and brush his coat to ease stress and tension in his body. Be patient in treating your pet regardless of whatever the cause of his condition.

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