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Dog Training is the name of the game. All aspects of training your dog are covered here, from the various types of dog training methods, to dog training aids and dog training supplies.

Puppy Training Classes

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There is nothing more precious than bringing home a cute little puppy to be part of your family. They are adorable and it seems like every tiny thing that they do is perfect. Well, this may be true right now but I can also tell you from experience, this will not last long. You need to give your pet puppy… Read more »

Dog Clicker

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How many of you know what a dog clicker is? It is actually a great tool in dog training that many experts have successfully used. What is it and how can you use it to train your dog today? What is a Dog Clicker? A clicker is a small, portable device that makes a distinctive “click” sound when pressed. You… Read more »

Dog Bark Collar

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While dogs are generally the best friends we all want to have, there are definitely some traits that are less than desirable, like excessive barking. It’s not only super annoying, it can be embarrassing to the neighbors and other people to have a really loud and noisy dog. Find out more about dog bark collar and other effective tips to keep… Read more »

Crate Training a Puppy

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Crate training a puppy is no mystery. With a few handy tips, you will be able to be puppy crate training in no time at all. Crate training a puppy is often in the best interest of your new puppy and also for your furniture. Puppy crate training can be a cinch if you use the following techniques.

Puppy Training Tips

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Are you looking for puppy training tips? If this is the case you arrived at the right place. In this article I will give you several puppy training tips in a very simplistic, and easy to understand way. Puppy training tips are easy to research before you start training your puppy.

Puppy Potty Training

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Puppy Potty Training By: Jolanda Leuschner Is puppy potty training a daunting task? Well rest assure many people feel this way, but it is not all that hard. Puppy potty training can be done in a pleasant way and rewarding to both you and your four legged friend. Here are a few ways to handle your puppy potty training. When… Read more »

Dog Obedience Training – Stop Barking Dogs

Dog obedience should be an important issue for all dog owners. You might think your neighbor’s dog is such a good dog while you have a lovable, but un-trainable little rascal of a pet. That’s not true. All dogs can be trained but you have to get them started as soon as possible. You want to enjoy a well-trained dog… Read more »

Police Dogs – Specialized Training of a Different Type

When a police department decides to purchase a police dog, they are getting a dog who has already had excellent training and is ready to start working. Most often, the designated handlers will spend a few weeks with the dogs prior to bringing it on board for the department. A police dog will then live with the handler and his or her family. Once you take into account the cost of upkeep and ongoing training of a police dog, a dog may cost as much as $10,000. But the benefits of having a specially trained police dog on duty for a department makes the purchase more than worthwhile.

Dog Training of a Different Type – Assistance Dogs

Dogs that are trained to assist disabled people, called assistance dogs, are not pets; rather, they are trained specifically to help people who are blind, deaf, or physically disabled. They spend their lifetime up until retirement providing independence and security to disabled people. The choice of the perfect assistance dog is based on temperament and size, not breed.

Basic Dog Training Commands

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Training Your Dog to “give” trains your dog to release whatever he has in his mouth on your command and helps to stop him becoming an aggressive and possessive dog.

Nature dictates that whatever he finds is his.This is just normal dog behavior. This is where you use obedience dog training. Whether it be his favourite toy or a juicy bone he has to be taught to drop it when told, without growling or baring his teeth.