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Best Dog Training Book

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I am often asked about the best dog training book – a book that basically shows you how to train a dog in the fastest way possible so that it’s fun for both you and your dog. Dog Training Book – Deciding on the Best Well, there are literally dozens (if not hundreds) of good dog training books out there,… Read more »

Dog Training Book

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How do you like having a pet? Owning a dog has a lot of ups and downs. While you get to spend incredible days with an affectionate, loyal and happy dog, you will also have many days being frustrated at his rowdiness and sometimes stubborn behavior. A dog training book can help you deal with this problem. What Type of… Read more »

Basic Dog Training Commands

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Training Your Dog to “give” trains your dog to release whatever he has in his mouth on your command and helps to stop him becoming an aggressive and possessive dog.

Nature dictates that whatever he finds is his.This is just normal dog behavior. This is where you use obedience dog training. Whether it be his favourite toy or a juicy bone he has to be taught to drop it when told, without growling or baring his teeth.

How to Stop a Dog from Barking

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Many dog owners are unsure of how to stop a dog from barking. It’s really not difficult, although it sometimes does take some patience. As with any dog training issue, stopping a dog barking is a matter of getting your dog to associate something a little unpleasant with the action of barking – what you need is a distraction for your dog!

Training Your Dog

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Why Won’t My Dog Listen To Me? This is a common question that most first-time dog owners ask. Let me tell you, I have heard this particular question over and over again. Before I answer your question, let me ask you a few questions instead: Do you use cookies, collars, head halters or clickers to make your dog listen to… Read more »

In Home Dog Training – the Truth

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Can researching the net for tips and acquiring dog training DVDs be a priority so you can continuously have education materials on hand for your dog? If so, great! You are the best person to teach your pet. So find the best resource for training your dog in your home yourself right here.