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Basic Dog Training Commands

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Training Your Dog to “give” trains your dog to release whatever he has in his mouth on your command and helps to stop him becoming an aggressive and possessive dog.

Nature dictates that whatever he finds is his.This is just normal dog behavior. This is where you use obedience dog training. Whether it be his favourite toy or a juicy bone he has to be taught to drop it when told, without growling or baring his teeth.

Shock Collar Training

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There are several methods and tools in dog training that are used by millions of pet owners from around the world. What are the best kinds to use? Have you heard about shock collar training? It sounds like an inhumane form of canine education, but what is it exactly? Find out more about this often controversial topic right here. Shock… Read more »

Dog Training

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Dog Training

Here at Healthier Dogs you’re going to find lots of helpful information on dog training.

From potty training a puppy, to canine obedience training for grown dogs, you’ll find an abundance of information here …

In Home Dog Training – the Truth

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Can researching the net for tips and acquiring dog training DVDs be a priority so you can continuously have education materials on hand for your dog? If so, great! You are the best person to teach your pet. So find the best resource for training your dog in your home yourself right here.

Bring Home the Dog School, Use A Dog Training DVD

Dogs can cost an owner a pretty penny to be trained in a proper dog school. The rent for the use of their establishment, specialty trade tools, certified trainers and prestige some academies peg on their services makes up most of the added expense. Fortunately, there is another alternative to having a professionally trained dog sans the often times exorbitant fee – a dog training DVD.

Obedience Training

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Dogs are social animals and left without proper obedience training, they will most certainly behave like unkempt furry little things. They will chew and slobber all over your furniture. They will dig holes in your garden and muddy your pristine floors with their paws. They will bark excessively without due reason. They will fight with other dogs and they might… Read more »