Basic Dog Training Commands

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Basic Dog Training Commands

Basic Dog Training CommandAlthough I write a few basic dog training articles, it’s not my real forte, so whenever I find dog training articles by other authors, I like to publish them if they contain what seems to be like sensible information.

Following is an article that focuses on the issue of getting your dog to let go of an item in his/her mouth. It’s a great command to have your dog learn and obey.

The article is fairly basic, but contains a few good tips.

Basics Dog Training – Commands.

Training Your Dog to “give” trains your dog to release whatever he has in his mouth on your command and helps to stop him becoming an aggressive and possessive dog.

Nature dictates that whatever he finds is his.This is just normal dog behavior. This is where you use obedience dog training. Whether it be his favourite toy or a juicy bone he has to be taught to drop it when told, without growling or baring his teeth.

Basics Dog TrainingTo do this is quite simple using your basics dog training method. First you need to put his lead on so he can’t run off. Then using a new toy play with him. When he has the toy in his mouth, in a stern voice say “give” or “drop it” whilst also offering him his favourite treat. He should drop the toy and take the treat. When he does, praise him again and again.

If during the training he growls when you try to take the toy from him, just jerk the lead and repeat the command “give” or “drop it”. He will then realise that a growl means a jerk and dropping it gives him a treat and plenty of praise.

Carry on playing with the toy and repeat the process a number of times over the next few days. After a few sessions the dog will start to drop it without hesitation knowing that he will receive his treat. Each time you practise this dog training method, replace the toy with something more desirable to your dog. Always using loads and loads of praise when he drops it.

Eventually you will be able to give him a really juicy bone and he will drop it on your command similar to the professional dog training you see on the television.

You need to practice dobasic dog trainingg care at all times. When you give him a bone make sure it is a knuckle bone as this will not splinter as he tries to gnaw it. Dogs love to chew, encourage this by giving them premium dog food chews.

Using easy basics dog training one step at a time, your dog will soon become your fully trained faithful best friend.

Remember your dog wants you to be his leader. You can achieve this by giving him clear instructions a different command word for each situation and heaps and heaps of praise when he does right.

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