Puppy Mills Are So Cruel

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – puppy mills should be outlawed. Boycott them. How?

puppy mills

– Buy your puppies only from a reputable breeder where you can see the puppies and their parents in their home environment before you even consider buying. Or go to an animal shelter and rescue a puppy or dog that desperately needs a good home.

– Never, never, never buy puppies from pet shops – it perpetuates the whole puppy mill industry and keeps it going. You contribute to the cruelty by buying a dog from a pet shop.

3 thoughts on “Puppy Mills Are So Cruel

  1. Ray Marquez Jr

    Indeed, all pets (or even wild animals), and most especially our best friend, the dog grow healthier and much livelier OUTSIDE of cages. Even with the best food and caring, a life in captivity is misery. The pet shop had always been the standard where we could buy our pets but I suggest that we come up with a directory of dog breeders instead, disseminate and make it available to all those interested in buying their pets so it would gradually become the norm. 🙂

  2. shaney frame

    the video on puppy mills has apparantly “been removed by user” I am enjoying reading all that you send me. My doggies are the joy of my life. I wish everyone could feel the same way.

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