Finding The Best Dog Food for Puppies

Finding The Best Dog Food for Puppies

best dog food for puppiesWho wants a healthy and happy pup? It is important to constantly check the different websites and magazines to be updated and educated regarding the best dog for puppies. Normally, puppies are like babies for pet lovers. They are treated with much love and care because of how fragile and susceptible to sickness they can be. If you are a puppy owner and you want to ensure that he or she is as healthy as possible, then you must make sure that the puppy gets his vaccination for whatever sicknesses puppies normally get. You
should also make it a point to see that he is fed with nutritionally balanced dog food that fits his needs and requirements.

Like human beings, different puppies and even dogs have different needs as well. Most of the time the breed and size of a dog can already be a sign that he is prone to getting a certain kind of sickness more than other dogs. So how do you compare dog foods and make sure that he is eating the right kind of dog food?

Best Dog Food for puppiesAside from just asking your trusted veterinarian or your next door neighbor who loves his dogs, educate yourself and read the label on the dog food. As mentioned earlier, different dogs may have a different set of needs so it’s best if you are not dependent on just one source of information. Reading labels is not that hard but it is not as easy as you may also think. You will need to learn about the terminologies used and the ingredients. Below are some tips which will help you learn more about reading labels hence, you will know what you are actually feeding your puppy and if this is what is best for him.

1) When you read the word by-product, this simply means that these ingredients are derivatives of the source indicated. You want to avoid Puppy dog food labels that have by-products listed in their ingredients. best dog food for puppies

2) There should be a specific animal source for your reference.

3) Look out for the following items in the ingredients as well: BHA, BHT or ethoxquin, food colorant, salt, corn or grain.

There are other factors to consider but this will now depend to what ingredients your puppy may be allergic to. If there are ingredients to avoid there are also some things that will help confirm if a brand can be considered as the best dog food for puppies.

1) A puppy dog food that is endorsed by a major breed group organization. These organizations are composed of pet lovers and they have years of experience to help give them unbiased opinions on the different brands in the market.

2) If the source of meat used is organic.

3) If the vegetables used in the puppy dog is pesticide free.

So when you are ready for the responsibility of getting your very own puppy do the three most important things:

1) Go to a veterinarian and ask everything you need to ask about puppies, breeds, vaccinations- the works! best dog food for puppies

2) Go to your neighbor or online for feedback and first hand information and experience from the brands they have used.

3) Educate yourself in reading labels. It is great to get advice from different experts but it also always important to know for yourself what your puppy is eating and what nutrients he specifically needs with regard to his breed and health situation.

You have to take the extra effort to study and compare dog foods so you can get the best dog food for puppies that is right for your pet. Remember that it is in their first few months that these puppies build their immune system and strength so it is best to invest in their food as early as possible. With all the false advertisements and great creative executions of dog food ads, it will be so easy to be swayed to a specific brand that will not do anything for your puppy. You can avoid getting suckered when you learn more about the different pet products in the market and the health of your puppy. You will not regret the investment!

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