Why Do Dogs Love Acana Dog Food?

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Acana Dog Food

Everybody wants to give their dog the best, the question is – where do we find it? Unbiased dog food reviews provide you the answers you need to get the most out of your dog’s nutrition and many of them will tell you that Acana dog food is the way to go.

Dog nutrition iPacifica Acana Dog Foods an integral part of our dog’s health. The food you give him is largely responsible for how he looks and behaves. Think about it, when we stuff ourself with junk food we feel lethargic and look less than stellar, right? The same is true with our canine buddies.

Most commercial pet food in the market today provide substandard nutrition for our dogs. Kibble, especially, may be cheaper, but the method by which they are preserved are not good. High levels of temperature over a long period of processing time reduces the nutritional value of the ingredients of the dog food.

Which brings us to another vital aspect of dog food – the ingredients. What are the ingredients that are inside the bag of chow you give to your pet? Does it have a healthy serving of meat, grains, vegetables and fruits? Are they natural or are they so immersed in chemicals and preservatives that you hardly recognize them? Natural and healthy ingredients may cost you a few more dollars, but they make a world of difference to the general well-being of the dog.

Acana dog food is a brand from the famous Champion pet foods company. Champion pet foods is committed to delivering the best products by incorporating quality ingredients in their food. These fresh ingredients are sourced out from accredited farms and processors – a lot more than what most commercial pet food companies do.

You will find that there are at least 3 fresh regional meat ingredients in every Acana bag of food. Why is this important? Our dogs need large amounts of protein in their diet and meat and high quality grains are excellent sources of protein. Aside from that, there are other beneficial ingredients mixed in to see to it that your dog gets a well-balanced and healthy diet.

5 Principles of Acana Dog Food

Acana Dog FoodThe 5 natural principals of Acana dog food are: the natural diet (ingredient freshness and variety); high in animal proteins; low in grains and carbohydrates; rich in fruits and vegetables; tonic herbs to strengthen the body and spirit. When these 5 principals are maximized, you can expect a healthier pet full of energy and life.

Acana has several Acana dog food lines that are aptly named for the dogs that will benefit from it. The classic series are the puppy small breed, puppy & junior, puppy large breed, adult small breed, adult dog, lamb & apple, adult large breed, sport & agility, light and fit, senior dog. Acana also has special grain free dog food that many pet owners are raving about namely Wild Prairie, Pacifica, Grasslands and Ranchlands.

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