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Have you ever wondered why Orijen food is one of the most recommended dog food in the world today? Many pet owners and experts recommend this brand to other dog lovers out there because it simply is, one of the best dog food brands in the market today.

So what does Orijen food have that other dog food brands do not? After all, if you are going to invest your hard earned dollars for your pet’s food, you should know why this premium brand is considered the best among the rest.

Commercial pet foods use cheap, substandard ingredients in their products. Dogs are carnivores and they require generous servings of proteins in their diets. Unfortunately, many cheap dog food consider meat too expensive and so they turn to grains as a cheaper alternative to protein in dog food. The problem with this is that grains are generally not recommended because dogs cannot digest grains are well as meat. Grains are also said to cause allergies, food intolerance, obesity and dull skin for dogs.

Orijen Food SelectionOn the other hand, Orijen believes that our dogs and cats evolved to be our pets today, but they retain the physical structure and needs of their carnivorous ancestors. It is believed that these pets can survive on a meat diet since these are the type of food that they would naturally feed on in the wild. The philosophy that this brand espouses to is simple- create diets that mirror the animal’s natural diet in the wild. This is what is the most beneficial for them and should not be compromised for the sake of a bigger profit margin.

You will notice that many of Orijen’s food have high inclusions of meat in their products. The many formulations have high ratios of whole meat, liver, cartilage and marrow- specifically excluding cheaper ingredients that have high glycemic carbohydrates and plant proteins that may not be suitable for the dog’s natural physiological needs. Yes, the end product may cost a few more dollars than the average commercial kibble, but what you get far surpasses the quality of many other dog food products out in the market today.

Orijen FoodOrijen food prides itself in using only the freshest and best quality regional ingredients in their dog food. The ingredients of nest laid eggs, ranch raised meats, cage free poultry, freshly caught wild fish, and sun ripened fruit and vegetable produce ensure that what is fed to the pets is only of the highest quality. The farmers and producers of these different quality ingredients are personally known and approved by the makers of Orijen pet food.

What this means is that unlike many pet food products that are outsourced to the highest bidder and the brand only markets the product, Orien makes the effort to carefully choose the producers and formulates the products themselves. Orijen performs every step of the process- from choosing the producers of the specific ingredient, to cooking, processing and packaging the food.

Another unique quality of Orijen pet food is that their products need no water to be added to it. Many times, commercial pet food have been processed so much that what is left are the powdered excess of its original form.  Not so with Orijen. The fresh ingredients are more expensive than processed “water needed” food, but they contain the nutrient packed  natural juices of the ingredients. The food is steamed or cooked in very low temperatures to ensure that the nutrients and natural flavors of the food are retained for the benefit of the dog.

The freeze dryingOrijen Adult Dog process of Orijen is extremely healthy. Orijen kitchen flash freezes the fresh regional ingredients. Then with -50 degree temperature and a special pressurized chamber, the food is subjected to an 18 hour freeze drying process that removes the water into food without removing the vitamins and minerals as well. What is left is organic and the freshest food with locked in nutrients that will make your dog strong and healthy.

There are three freeze dried, biologically appropriate dog food that has the Orijen standard of excellence. These are the Orijen Adult Dog, Orijen Regional Red, and Orijen Tundra. Orijen biologically appropriate Dry Dog Food includes Orijen Puppy, Orijen Puppy Large, Orijen Six Fish Dog, Orijen Adult Dog, Orijen Regional Red and Orijen Senior. To find out which particular dog food you should feed your dog, you can ask the vet on what will benefit your dog the most.

Aside from dog food, there are also dog treats that is also available with Orijen food. You can use these yummy treats as a good motivator for obedience training. Remember to monitor your dog’s calorie intake because obese dogs are more susceptible to dog sicknesses and diseases. Consult the vet on how to best improve your dog’s health with his diet.

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  1. Susana

    California Natural seemed btteer, but her poop was always so soft that it was messy to pick up, and she never really liked it. She liked the taste of Canidae btteer so much so that she would pick it out when I mixed it with the Lamb and Rice. However, her poop didn’t really improve until we shifted to Orijen. Magic. This stuff is magic, I say. Besides being the magic food for my dog, it’s also made in Canada with almost all Canadian ingredients. From what I’ve read, they get rice from California and Lamb from New Zealand, but otherwise everything comes from farms in and around Alberta. No food recalls on this brand! One word of advice: like with all good dog foods, it’s best to keep the bag tightly closed. It goes stale.

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