Wheat Free Dog Food

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Have you ever wondered why dog lovers and vets recommend wheat free dog food? They say that giving your dog this type of diet will help make your dog have a better quality of life.

Let it be known that not all dog foods are created equal. You cannot give one dog a random dog food, and another a specially formulated dog food and expect the same results. Definitely, one will come out the better and make no mistake, it is the one with whom you have invested more in in terms of his nutrition.

Wheat Free Dog FoodWheat free dog food is ideal because the best diet to give your dog is one that closely mirrors his ancestral diet- and dogs do not have wheat in their diets. In the wild, they had to scavage for fresh meat, fruits and herbs to keep them alive and stronger than the other animals. Of course as centuries have gone by and we humans domesticated them, they do not have to “make a kill” for their food, we simply present them with store bought dog food which unfortunately, is a far cry from their natural and nutrient rich diet of old.

As much as you are able, give your dog a lot of fresh meat. Dogs are carnivores. The structure of their teeth and jaws, as well as the internal workings of their bodies show that they are built to consume meat, the fresher the better. Their intestines are shorter and more acidic so that bacteria that may have been in the fresh meat they eat do not last very long.

Consequently, they don’t have the special enzyme in their saliva that properly breaks down thOrijen Dog foode elements found in grains and wheat. This makes it harder to process the nutrients in wheat for dogs. It is said that it is more likely for dogs to acquire indigestion, allergies and food intolerance if they are fed wheat and grains regularly.

Even if it is more expensive, invest in wheat free dog food for your pet. You might think you are saving more if you opt for cheaper but poorer in quality pet food, but actually you are saving a lot more in medical expenses and future vet bills if you buy your dog good dog food early on. I know many pet owners wish they would have given anything to bring back time and give their sickly dog premium dog food rather than see them suffer and live a sickly life because they chose the alternative.

It is always better to give your dog fresh food, but if this is not possible, choose premium dog food brands that do not compromise on the ingredients they include. Some of the dog food brands that dog food reviews rate higher than the rest are Orijen, Acana, Taste of the Wild, Wysong, Honest Kitchen, Fromm, and California Natural. If you want to transition your dog from a regular dog food to a wheat free dog food diet, remember to do so gradually so as not to cause indigestion and stress to the dog.

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