Dog Health Questions Symptoms

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Dog Health Questions Symptoms

Dog Health Questions SymptomsIf you are wondering about dog health questions symptoms, then you are not alone. There are many pet owners in the world who are constantly monitoring their pets and looking for answers for the signs that seem to indicate a health problem on their part.

The good news is that there are always updates and studies that are done to answer dog health questions symptoms that we all have. While we always suggest that you go to the vet to get an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition. It is a good idea to know about the signs and symptoms of when your pet is sick so you can be prepared on what you can do next.

First of all, what makes a healthy pet? If you know what a normal, healthy pet looks like, it is easier to spot if your pet is sick and needs medical attention. A healthy and happy pet is affectionate, loves to play and be petted, energetic (most breeds are anyway), have a good appetite and a high level of energy. The appearance of a pet without sickness is also quite obvious. He will have clear skin and a shiny coat of hair. The eyes, nose, mouth and ears should not have any unusual discharge or rancid odor. Because of his healthy appetite, he will have a good amount of weight on- although being overweight is highly discourage as it leads to more health complication in the future.

Dog Health Questions Symptoms

When we look at this, we can conclude that the opposite means something is wrong with your pet. Look out for the signs that your dog is acting unusual. For example, a dog that is intolerant to touch and seems depressed will most likely mean that he is in pain. He will try to protect that part of the body he feels pain in. A lack of appetite and weight loss usually follows any type of dog sickness. More than that, dogs that are sick will exhibit more unusual and alarming signs like vomiting, increases thirstiness, labored breathing, bad breath, fever, disorientation, trembling and seizures.

When it comes to the dog’s appearance, sick dogs tend to have cloudy eyes, have discharge in their orifices, have distended tummies (usually because of accumulation of fluid), have skin conditions like hives, redness, wounds, itchiness and flakiness, and unexplained wounds.

Another good indication that a dog is sick is their urination and defecation habits. An increase in the frequency of the dog’s  urination is a red flag. Look at the urine and stool of your dog. Traces of blood in the waste, exceptionally foul smell, straining to pee but only in little amounts are almost sure signs that your dog is sick. There are a lot of possible causes for this, and it is vital that you consult with the vet as soon as possible to get an accurate prognosis and treatment. The sooner you check on these dog health questions symptoms, the better the chances of your dog’s complete and quick recovery.

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