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Dog Information To Keep You Pet Healthy

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You will find many books and websites dealing with dog information, which will teach you how to take care of them properly. Many of them deal with all types of dogs that will be beneficial to you. The responsibilities that you now incur as a dog owner are assessed in these books. Allowing your dog to exercise is an easy… Read more »

Orijen Adult Dog

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Dog food reviews often note Orijen Adult dog food as one of the best dog food around. In the market where dozens, if not hundreds of dog food brands line up grocery shelves (virtual and natural), this is indeed saying something. To understand why Orijen adult dog food holds such a high standard of excellence, one only needs to look… Read more »

Acana Puppy

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Acana Puppy¬† is a line of dog food from Champion Pet Foods specifically formulated for the needs of your growing canine companion. Acana is a brand of dog food created by Champion Pet Foods, a Canadian pet food maker. Champion prides itself as an award-winning manufacturer with a unique philosophy. Its Biologically Appropriate nutritional philosophy represents a new standard of… Read more »

Orijen Senior

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Orijen Senior Dog Food Orijen Senior is one of the dog food products under Champion Petfoods – a company that manufactures both dog and cat foods. ¬† Champion Petfoods takes pride in its Biologically-Appropriate nutritional philosophy and through this presents a new class of foods, designed to nourish pets according to their evolutionary adaptation to fresh meat and protein-rich diets…. Read more »

Orijen Dog Food

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From humble beginnings as a regional pet food maker in 1985, Orijen Dog Food reputation for authenticity and trust has grown to span more than 60 countries worldwide. Located in the heart of Alberta’s fertile prairies, their entire quarter century of experience (that’s 175 in dog years!) has been dedicated to producing uncompromised, award-winning dog and cat foods. Orijen Dog… Read more »