Merrick Dog Food Reviews

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Merrick Dog Food Reviews

Merrick canned dog foodMany of the Merrick dog food reviews note that this brand is a household name in dog foods. Choosing the right food is one of the most important tasks of a pet owner. So much of a dog’s life and vitality depends on the nourishment they receive. Healthy pets are characterized by their clear, bright eyes, brilliant coats, clean teeth, vitality, and a happy and playful disposition.

Just as in humans, the kind of food that goes into a dog’s system has a great impact on the over-all health, behavior and lifespan. It is therefore the pet owner’s responsibility to be thorough in choosing the right dog   food brand, and moreover, checking the ingredients they contain.

Merrick dog food is one of the more well-known premium dog food brands and its line includes seven dry dog foods. Merrick also manufactures two varieties of its dry dog food – Classic and Grain Free. Many dog foods contain grain sources but unfortunately many dogs are also allergic to grains. The fact that Merrick dog food accommodates this concern is welcomed by many pet owners. Both varieties are made from wholesome ingredients.

Notably, a variety of meat sources are used as the primary ingredients including buffalo, venison, salmon meal and lamb meal. Meat meals are concentrates that actually provide 300% more protein than whole meats – beneficial to dogs as they are primarily carnivores.

Merrick Dog Food reviewsThe Merrick Classic dog food use whole grain while the Grain Free dry dog food combines the meat with fruits and vegetables such as carrots, peas, and potatoes. Both varieties are also free of preservatives and artificial flavorings and colorants. Moreover, the brand does not use cheap fillers such as soy, corn or wheat.

When it comes to determining the right dog food – the right ratio of ingredients is an important part of deciding whether or not to try the brand out. Getting that sort of information might take some research but Merrick publishes its percentages right on the bags for easier and more convenient reference.

For example, Merrick’s Real Buffalo and Sweet Potato Recipe is composed of 70 percent meat and 30 percent vegetables while its Classic Chicken, Brown Rice and Green Pea recipe has 60 percent meat, 20 percent grain and 20 percent vegetables. A pet owner may then decide which recipe to buy, depending on his or her pet’s needs. Puppies, for instance, need more protein to aid in their growth and development.

Merrick Dog Food Grain Free From the various Merrick dog food reviews, dog owners are keen on the fact that this brand offers a high percentage of meat alongside suitable levels of carbohydrates and vitamin supplements. Dog owners have found that their pets like the smell and taste, owing most probably due to the addition of beef fat which is not only appetizing to dogs but is also a good quality source of fat.

The absence of corn, wheat and soy are also plus points as these ingredients do cause allergies to many dogs. Instead, oatmeal and barley are good alternatives that contribute fiber and B-vitamins to a canine’s diet.

The addition of probiotics also aid in digestion while boosting immune system. Some pet owners however have noted gastrointestinal problems after switching to this brand.

As a final word for seekers of Merrick dog food reviews, pet owners must remember that just like us, every pet is unique and has unique circumstances. No single dog food can answer every individual need. As a responsible dog owner, it is your task to find out as much as you can in order to give your beloved pet the best food suited for him or her.

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