Dog Cancer Survival Guide

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Dog Cancer Survival Guide

Dog Cancer Survival GuideNobody wants to hear that their pet has cancer. It is one of the worst things ever for a pet owner to discover. The good news is that this dire diagnosis doesn’t need to spell death to the poor canine. You can use the dog cancer survival guide to help your pet get through this trying time of his life.

A lot of people just give up when they hear the big C mention in veterinary offices. The fact of the matter is, a dog with cancer doesn’t necessarily mean that he will die. In fact, if it is detected early on, there is a good chance of complete recovery for the dog, given that the right treatment is administered to him. This is why a dog cancer survival guide is critical to keep your dog living long and more than that, living well.

First of all, you have to know the symptoms you need to look out for for dog cancer. Like their human counterparts, a common cancer symptom is a lump, enlarged lymph nodes or any kind of unexplained swelling in his body. A wound that doesn’t heal or unusual bleeding is a red flag that needs to be checked right away. Weight loss, lethargy, difficulty breathing, lameness or evidence of pain are also possible symptoms of canine cancer and when you see these signs manifesting, you need to bring your pet to the veterinarian right away.

Dog Cancer Survival GuideMany of the cancers can be removed surgically, and if this is the case, the chances of your dog being completely rid of the cancer is high. Chemotherapy is becoming more utilized, and the less common radiation therapy for dogs suffering from cancer is also recommended in some cases. Definitely, your dog will need a thorough examination by the vet to find out the cause of the cancer, the degree of its severity, and the best possible treatment that can cure it.

As your dog recovers from cancer, it is critical that you give him the healthiest diet you can. Food is a vital part of a dog’s health and wellness, especially if he is dealing with a sickness. Remember that a recovering dog is building new tissues so he needs more proteins and healthy nutrients to ensure that his body is stable and developing right. Also, there are infections that he is battling and food sources that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins will see to it that he doesn’t succumb to viruses that will aggravate his condition. Give him fresh meats, fish and vegetables and avoid having grains in his diet. Dogs don’t easily process grains and moreover, it can cause allergies, another condition that your pet doesn’t need to deal with right now.

Keep your dog as comfortable as possible, and have fresh, clean water available for him at all times. Exercise him well and look for herbs and natural supplements designed to improve the organs in his body. Use this dog cancer survival guide and with much love and care, you will have your dog for a long time to come!

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