Natural Dog Food For Healthy Canines

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According to an old saying a dog is considered a man’s best friend. Many of us don’t see them as pets but consider them as a part of our family. We always want to give them the best dog food available in the market. There are so many varieties available in the market that it is difficult to find one which is both nutritious and healthy.

Natural Dog Food Products


Natural Dog FoodIn recent times, animal lovers have begun to use natural dog food regularly instead of the more traditional dog food products. In 1994, at a meeting on animal health, a group with expertise in the field came to the conclusion that antioxidants are necessary for canine health and are not found in commercial dog food products. These vital elements are as important for canines as they are for people. They prevent free radicals from harming cells and producing cancers and cardiac problems. Free radicals damage a pet’s immune system and cause the animal to age much more quickly than it would naturally.

Organic or Natural Dog Food

Organic dog food is rich in antioxidants as well as Vitamins B, C and E due to the natural ingredients used and the lack of intensive processing techniques. Natural dog food also contains far less pollutants than commercial dog food.

Giving your dog natural dog food will reap substantial benefits almost immediately. You can expect your dog to seem much more healthy looking with a shiny, thick coat, alert eyes, and healthy dental work. The dog will also be happy and more energetic thanks to the better tasting and better textured organic dog foods.

Merrick Natural Dog Food

Merrick Natural Dog FoodIn addition to commercial dog food, there is a wide variety of natural dog food on the market. Standard meals, doggie treats, and even gourmet lunch boxes for the mobile dog are included in this selection. Merrick dog food, a division of family owned Merrick pet foods, uses only all natural ingredients in their products. None of the preservatives and artificial ingredients common to commercial dog food are used in Merrick pet foods.

Everything found in this product originates from high quality sources certified by the United States Department of Agriculture. This brand includes moist, canned food and solid bits in a wide array of textures and flavors. There is almost certainly an option your canine will enjoy.

Try Natural Dog Food

With so many dog food products available, it is sometimes hard to find food that is the most nutritious and healthy for your dog. Natural or organic dog food are replete with antioxidants plus Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E thanks to the natural contents and the avoidance of processing methods. This food is also virtually free of the pollutants found in commercial dog food. There is a large selection of natural dog food available, just like commercial dog food. Merrick pet foods, a family owned company, produces Merrick dog food, and uses all natural ingredients in their food.

– Melinda Smith

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