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Chronic Ear Infections in Dogs

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Home remedies for dog ear mites and regular grooming are effective methods to treat and prevent mild ear infections. Chronic and recurrent ear infections that do not respond to treatment may even require surgery.

Dog Ear Care

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Dog ear care is an important part of your dog care routine. It’s essential that you inspect your dog’s ears from time to time to ensure that they are kept reasonably clean and healthy.

A good time to do this is, of course, when you’re bathing your dog.

But some breeds of dogs do tend to be afflicted with ear infections, so with these breeds, you need to be extra vigilant. Breeds with floppy ears, and especially those with long, floppy ears, are more likely to have ear problems. But dog ear infections can occur in any dog, so ear care for your dog is not something you should overlook.

Grooming a Dog

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What is dog grooming? Sounds like a very basic question, doesn’t it? Dog grooming is far more than washing your dog! You need to pay attention to all aspects of the dog’s anatomy, and now is the time to do it! Grooming is an important part of keeping your dog happy and healthy. I am constantly asked so many questions about how, where and when to groom, so I put some of the basics together for you here.

Dog Care

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Welcome to the Dog Care section of the Healthier Dogs site. Here you’ll find posts in the coming days, weeks and months, on all aspects of taking care of a dog.

So what exactly is dog care? What sort of information can you expect to find here?