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Bath Your Dog – 8 Simple Steps

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You usually don’t need to be told when it’s time to give your dog a bath.  If your dog is overdue for his shampoo, take matters into your own hands and follow these steps. Step 1: It might sound odd, but the best way to start a bath is with a walk. Seriously. A walk will tire your dog out… Read more »

Dog Grooming Tips – Brushing Your Dog’s Coat

All dogs need some attention to grooming. When you think of dog grooming instructions, you may think only of brushing your dog’s coat. There’s much more to it than that, but here I’ll be talking about that one aspect of dog grooming tips – brushing your dog’s coat.

Dog Care

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Welcome to the Dog Care section of the Healthier Dogs site. Here you’ll find posts in the coming days, weeks and months, on all aspects of taking care of a dog.

So what exactly is dog care? What sort of information can you expect to find here?