How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

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I haven’t published a reader’s perspective for some time.

dog healthToday I received an email from a reader whose viewpoint really accords with my own. Allison’s perspective on keeping her dogs healthy really struck a chord with me, and the fact that she has looked after 30 dogs and brought them all into old age was something that really struck me … you see, it IS perfectly possible to have a healthy dog, and to keep it healthy into old age. And by old age, I don’t mean the ages that dogs are commonly meeting their demise these days – ages of around 7 to 12 are pretty common (7 for large dogs and 12 for small ones).

I have always maintained that our dogs are not living anywhere near as long as they should. And Allison’s experience proves that, to my mind – she takes in rescue dogs – obviously of varying ages, and despite their state of health up to that stage, she can turn them around and give them a long and healthy life from then on.

Here is what Allison wrote to me:

” Hi there Brigitte

I am following your column with great interest as I am an avid doggie lover.

I have rescued and look after around 30 doggies. dog health

I have been doing this for nearly 23 years and all my doggies are in tip top health.

This is how I feed them and believe me, they NEVER need vets unless they have been hurt in some way or other. When they do finally get ill, they are old and ready to move on. It scares me when they do get ill as I know it’s the end of their little lives. They live to old ages. I currently have 10 doggies whose ages range between 13 and 16 years old.

They do not get fleas/ticks etc. They are not vaccinated. I attribute their health to an extremely good diet.

I stopped giving them commercial pet food about 13 years ago and it was the best thing I could have done. I was always experiencing some health problem or another.

This is how I feed them.

healthy dogThey get brown rice, a variety of organic vegetables, ostrich mince (no hormones and no fat), powdered brewers yeast, fresh garlic and olive oil daily. When I can afford it, I add some raw eggs, goats milk and various other treats. Their water is purified water.

I simply do the best I can for them food wise and give them variety when I can afford it. I add in junk food now and again as a treat. They are healthy, happy hounds whose coats shine, noses are wet and gums are a healthy red colour.

From loads of experience, I would personally recommend a healthy diet if you want to extend your pets life and give them a quality existence.

Kind regards
Allison. ”

– So there you go – proof positive, in my view, that fresh food keeps dogs in tip top health and gives them great longevity.

I just couldn’t agree with her more!

What a great job she is doing to have given so many dogs such a great life.

And 10 dogs between 13 and 16 years old – wow, that absolutely speaks for itself. Here is a living example of what I have been saying for several years now!

Yes, you CAN lengthen your dog’s life!

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