Worms in Dogs And How to Treat Them

Worms in Dogs And How to Treat Them

natural treatment for dog wormsWorms in dogs are a common problem that all knowledgeable pet owners know about. You might be a new owner, or probably a more experienced one looking for new information on dog worms. Whoever you are, if you are a lover of animals you are welcome to stay as long as you like. Let’s share tips and information on ways on how to make our beloved pets healthy and happy.

More than 90% of all puppies are reported to be born with worms. This happens when pregnant mothers have not been de-wormed properly and have transferred these parasites to their offspring without meaning to. Sometimes, the mothers can also transmit the worms as they nurse their young. It is critical that you find an excellent worm treatment you can administer to your puppy as soon as possible.

When your puppy does not receive the right worm medication, it can cause severe damage to his internal organs. Remember, his immune system is not yet properly developed; hence he has little strength to fight against these little monsters invading his body. When he reaches two weeks, bring him to a holistic vet for check-up and treatment.

natural treatment for dog wormsA natural treatment for dog worms cannot be stressed enough. Pharmaceutical companies have de-worming treatments available, but be very careful about using some of these medications. Because the goal is to kill off the worms, the same chemicals used in pesticides are used in many of these drugs. Even if the amount you use is small, over a long period of time it will add up and be the cause of more damage to the dog’s system.

Some of the side effects that pesticides are known to inflict on our animals are as follows: cancer, reproductive problems, tremors, nausea and vomiting, tumors, kidney/bladder/liver damage, visual disturbances, seizures and heart complications. Yes–the list seems to contain every possible canine disease there is, so be sure to avoid giving your dog harsh drugs whenever possible.

Fortunately, there are natural remedies to treat canine worms. These holistic therapies make full use of healing properties found in plants and herbs. These organic treatments are known to kill the internal parasites safely and effectively.

natural treatment for dog wormsYou should also make it a point to give your dog a nutritious and well-balanced diet. For some reason, fleas and worms do not usually like healthy animals to be their host. Serve him fresh vegetables and fruits in addition to the meat you put in his meals. If you are not able to prepare fresh and natural fare, look for premium healthy dog brands and supplements to give your dog the essential vitamins and nutrients that he needs.

Severe itchiness, coughing, nausea, lethargy, blood in stool, a pot belly and a dull coat are some signs of worms in dogs. If your dog is exhibiting these symptoms, take him to the vet for a thorough examination right away. The earlier a canine sickness is detected, the better the chances of your dog of complete recovery.

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