Why Is A Natural Flea Treatment for Pets Better For Your Dog?

Why Is A Natural Flea Treatment for Pets Better For Your Dog?

Flea Treatment for PetsWhen you have a dog you know how important flea medicine is for your pet. There are many types of flea treatment for pets that you can use. Most people use the products that are recommended to them by their vet. Some of the products that vets recommend are Advantage flea control, Revolution flea prevention and Frontline flea control.

However, these may not be the right ones for you to use with your dog and the dog fleas that bother them. The flea medicine that you choose should be something that you feel comfortable using.

One of the things that are catching on with many pet owners is natural flea treatment. This is a much safer alternative for your pet and your family. When you use the natural flea treatments you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals penetrating your dog’s skin, or leaching into the environment.

Besides finding the right flea treatment for pets, there are some other things that you will want to do that will help with your dog’s flea problem.

When using natural flea treatment for your pet you will want to go to a pet store that carries dog flea treatment products that are made from one hundred percent natural ingredients, or better yet, purchase your natural flea control products online for ultimate convenience.

These products are very effective for getting rid of fleas and they don’t contain any chemicals that can harm your dog or your family.

The natural flea treatment products that you will want to get are natural powders, shampoos, sprays and a flea brush. You may also want to look for a natural flea collar that will help to keep the fleas away. And most dog owners swear by garlic – or more specifically garlic and brewers yeast tablets to keep fleas at bay.

Besides the natural treatments you will want to make sure that you keep your dog clean. Give your dog a bath once a fortnight during flea season, using a good quality shampoo (see below for recommendation), and more often if you actually see a flea – and brush your dog daily. You will also want to make sure that you keep your house clean since fleas can get into your house. You want to make sure that you vacuum your carpet and wash anything that your dog sleeps on.

If you’ve already seen fleas in your carpet, or your dog has a number of fleas, you will want to pay attention to killing fleas in carpet. Before vacuuming your floors you can sprinkle some diatomaceous earth products or powdered borax products onto the carpet. This will kill any dog fleas plus the eggs. You want to let it stay on your carpet for a couple of minutes and then vacuum. You need to be sure that your kids and dog are not around when you do this, because of the potential for breathing the powder in.Flea Treatment for Pets

Diatomaceous earth products can also be applied directly to your dog’s fur (you should wear a mask while you do this to prevent breathing it in, but this product is otherwise completely safe to use).

One other thing that you will want to do to help with the problem of fleas is to mow your lawn often. You also want to keep any trees or bushes trimmed. This will make it hard for the fleas to get anywhere near your dog.

The flea medicine that you choose is up to you. However, natural flea treatment will definitely be much better and safer for your dog and your family. So you want to make sure that you use the flea treatment for pets that feels right for you and your beloved pet.

I know which one I choose!


My recommendation for a great quality dog shampoo and conditioner that are excellent as part of an overall natural flea control strategy:

Flea Treatment for Pets ONP Herbal Defense Shampoo – $12.99
ONP Herbal Defense Conditioner – $12.99Shampoo and conditioner for a luxurious coat and contain essential oils to help repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, and other insects.
My Recommendation for a diatomaceous earth based flea powder is:
Natural flea treatment Only Natural Pet All-in-One Flea Remedy – $14.99
Natural flea powder that safely eliminates fleas on your pets and in your home. It is completely non-toxic, chemical-free, and odorless.
My Recommendation for Garlic and Brewers Yeast tablets that double up as treats – is:
Flea Treatment for Pets Brewer’s Yeast & Garlic Tablets – $9.49
These tablets help boost your pets natural defenses, maintain a healthy coat, and are fortified with vitamins and beef liver for dogs and cats. And they taste so great, they’re like treats!

And for a flea care kit that contains everything you’d need, you can’t go past:

Flea Treatment for Pets Mild Flea Care Kit for Dogs – $15.99
Moderate Flea Care Kit for Dogs
– $48.49
Severe Flea Care Kit for Dogs – $88.99
Choose from 3 different kits based on the severity of your dog’s flea infestation. Hurry and stop the fleas before things gets worse!

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7 thoughts on “Why Is A Natural Flea Treatment for Pets Better For Your Dog?

  1. Rick

    Hello again Brigitte,

    The last time I was here it was to talk dog food. This trip is for the subject of flea and tick control. About 3 years ago I tried 3 different all natural flea and tick products [ I dont remember who or what ] and I really didnt care for them because of ticks. I have a border collie and there is a acre around my house that is fenced in. Sadee Mae has a dog door to come in and out of the house as she likes. However she is outside more than in. We live in the country and walk the pasture fields a lot and the all natural I tried just didnt take care of the ticks. I have always used Frontline Plus but have always hated the ideal of using the toxic stuff but what else can you do.

    I was checking out the web site that carries the products you suggest…All Natural Pet Store…and have checked out many other natural sites….But like everything else in life you get about as many bad reviews as good. This is the deal.

    I live in N/E Pa. I only use the Frontline from Mid May thru mid September. The other months I dont have to use anything. I only put 1/2 of one application on per month and Sadee never has fleas or ticks. The thing is…here in N/E Pa there are lots of deer ticks and the spread of lyme disease in humans and pets is on the rise. Its impossible to see a deer tick on a border collie and I would think most animals…and I know the Frontline works. So I sit here with my arms outstreached with my dog with lyme disease in one hand and toxic Frontline in the other hand. Whats a dad to do? I cant seem to find anything that is natural that addresses deer ticks. Your thoughts or opinion please.


  2. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Rick,

    Yes, ticks can certainly be a problem in some areas. In others (such as the city), they’re almost unknown.

    There are some natural remedies for ticks – I haven’t used them personally, so can’t vouch for them, but you’ll see some good testimonials there at the site. (There are also some not so good comments – but they seem to be that the product causes skin irritations and rashes – not that they don’t work).

    You could try the tick prevention remedy there in addition to the flea remedies (or instead of). The product is for both fleas and ticks – it’s really the natural alternative to Frontline and similar chemicals, since it’s applied in a similar way. The ingredients are natural rather than chemical.

    Because the ticks are so hard to see, I understand your reluctance to try something you’re not sure will work.

    But if you do give it a try, let me know how you go with it.


  3. Rita Eakes

    Hi Brigitte,

    I am very pleased with the Dr. Parasite for heartworms and other parasites and I also use I use Dr.Goodpet flea and tick relief with wonderful results. I haven’t seen a flea or tick near him in weeks and I live in Missouri so pass that along if you would.

    I also give him Paul Newmans dog food plus I cook homemade food for him also. Deer meat, orgainic wild blend rice and vegetables. He loves all of it. Thanks for all of your interesting topics.

    Rita Eakes

  4. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Rita,

    That’s great news! I’m really glad your dog is doing so well on the natural remedies and food.

    These measures really do make a lot of difference to our dogs’ health and therefore quality of life (in my humble opinion, anyway).


  5. Valencia

    OMG! I use diatomaceous earth all the time and have for years, even before I got my dog Ubu. While still living in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio my Mom’s neighborhood was seemingly under attack from Cicada killer wasp. All of the local exterminators were at a loss as to how to get rid of these although scary looking, but harmless pest. There was even a write up in the local newspaper about how this pest was invading the city and how exterminators were at a loss.

    I was working as a Chef in Ann Arbor and mentioned my delimma while in the kitchen one afternoon. Someone suggested diatomaceous earth and I bought some and used it in my Mom’s yard. You would not believe the size wasp that made way out of the ground that day. We had located the queen and heard her buzzing her way out of the tunnel the worker wasp had dug for her. When she came out she seemed to be irritated so it did not take us long to get the message to swat her as she came out. Other people in the neighborhood had resorted to pouring gasoline down the tunnels made by the wasp but the diatomaceous earth is what got the wasp out of my Mom’s yard. Knowing and understanding the habits and patterns of the wasp has aided us in keeping them away from my Mom’s yard for the past 10 years! In late July to early August, the “scouts” appear around my Mom’s property and I always remind her to get the box out and start sprinkling. What is kind of sad is this wasp is gentle. If you stick your arm out, they will land on you and not bite. But the size of the pest is intimidating so it gets a bad rap.

    When I first got Ubu, I bought a bag of diatomaceous earth. I also keep colloidal silver on hand. I gave some colloidal to Ubu one Sunday morning a day or two after we got him. Within 30 minutes he was vomiting up worms. Some of the worms were still alive! I was so freaked out and sickened to know something like that was in my dog’s body. I took Ubu to the vet for treatment.

    I left the vet that day with all the other stuff we are told to pump into our pets…heart worm medication, deworming medications, flea medication. All that stuff that we assume is safe for our pets. But how can one shot, one pill, work the same for a 11.6lb dog as it does for an 80lg dog? And more importantly, how can we miss who is approving the drugs we give our pets…the EPA or the FPA?! It makes a world of difference. Ubu’s first flea medication was the type that is an oil and is dropped on the coat and self distributes (EPA approved). I did not like this for two reasons: the obvious it’s spread on the coat so the pet is more than likely ingesting it and what else is the product getting on in my house and second, my dog acted weird after application. I stopped using it and began using the diatomaceous earth. Ubu willingly eats atleast a teaspoon and I dust him with it and his personal items. I shared this product with a cousin of mine who now uses nothing else. Understanding how diatomaceous works leads only to understanding how it does not harm people nor pets. Reading the back of a package of the most common canine and feline flea and tick meds, heartworm meds, parasitic medications leads only to questions and deeper confusion. It SHOULD lead to questions, leading to wiser choices and decisions!


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