Who Makes The Best Dog Food?

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Who Makes The Best Dog FoodWho makes the best dog food? This is the question that all pet owners are bound to ask at one point or another. It’s always better to know this early on. When you do, you will reap the rewards of a healthy and happy dog that you can enjoy many fun filled memories together with.

If you want to know who makes the best dog food, you need to find out what makes a dog food great. We are looking for healthy food that will benefit our canines the most. So the question really is, what constitutes healthy dog food?

Ingredients are a large part of what makes a dog food good or bad. Too many dog food brands use substandard ingredients in their products. This is why they can afford to make the prices low. It is virtually impossible to sell a high quality dog food at a low price because good food cost higher than the average fare.

Who Makes The Best Dog FoodThe problem is that because dog food is a multi-billion dollar industry, manufacturers just add by-products that are cheaper, but are potentially bad for our dogs. These by-products can include beaks and feet of animals that, of course we humans will never deign to eat, so they are relegated to our poor pets instead. To make them more palatable and look somewhat presentable, chemicals and artificial flavorings are added into each meal.

So you see how absolutely bad this can end up for your pet? Chemicals are not meant to stay in their systems. If any, our dogs are innately built to eat raw and organic food. This means raw meat, fruits, vegetables, herbs and grains. It may seem questionaWho Makes The Best Dog Foodble for us humans to eat food that are completely raw (straight from the ground), but remember, this was how dogs from the wild survived and thrived before being domesticated.

While a lot of commercial pet food brands are not very healthy, there are still some really good brands out there, you just need to know what to look for. Be prepared to spend more for premium pet food, but I can guarantee you that they are worth it. You will have a healthier dog with better disposition, and he will look better as well.

Click on the links in this article to find out more about who makes the best dog food in the market today. Invest in the best and expect the best dog when you do. Have fun!

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