What You Need to Know About Hook Worms

What You Need to Know About Hook Worms

Hook WormsIf you ever had been a dog owner for more than a few years you know that a common condition that our pets have is dog worms. These parasites can be found everywhere and anywhere, depending on what kind of worm we are talking about. Find out more about hook worms and what can be done about it in this article today.

Dog worms are so prevalent that many times puppies are born into the world with hookworms already. Either it has been transmitted to them while they were still in the womb, or other times it can be that they will contract it through nursing from a mother also infected with worms. The dangerous thing about this is that when nothing is being done, worm infestation might worsen and this will likely kill the young pup. It is therefore very important that puppies are de-wormed 2 weeks after they have been born.

If dogs are not born with these worms, they can get it through the soil. Hookworms breed in soil and dirt. They can be transmitted to their host by simple contact. If your dog walks through a contaminated soil, it is highly possible that he can get infected right away. It can also be transferred through accidental ingestion so be careful that your dog does not eat soil or even worse, his feces.

Hook WormsYou will not be able to actually see the worms wriggling on your pet. These internal parasites are miniscule, invisible to the naked eye. You will need to bring your pet to the vet to undergo some tests to know if your pet does have worm infestation. The vet will likely take a stool sample of blood tests to diagnose your dog accurately.

Hookworms may enter the dog through the skin and mouth, but it often migrates to the intestines where they fully develop and mature. They stick to the intestinal wall and suck the blood out of their poor host. Therefore an infected animal will usually have blood in their stool and anemia.

Other symptoms include skin irritation, diarrhea, pale gums, loss of weight, abdominal bleeding and very low energy. When nothing is being done about this, hookworms will multiply and his condition will progressively get worse. His intestines can experience bleeding and if the dog is very young and doesn’t have a strong immune system yet, this may even result in death.

Puppy WormsThere are many medications that you can use to de-worm your dog. Choose those that are the mildest and makes use of herbs and natural elements. The more organic the treatment, the better for your dog’s over-all health. Take your dog for follow-up exams every two weeks to see what his condition is. If his system is clean, still bring him to a vet regularly for de-worming and periodic health check-ups.

Hook worms are quite common but fortunately, easily preventable. There are many organic treatments available so make full use of these wonderful products to ensure your dog’s best health.

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