Do You Know What to Give a Dog as a Pain Reliever?

Do You Know What to Give a Dog as a Pain Reliever?

dog pain relieversDo you know what to give a dog as a pain reliever? It is one of the most difficult things to do to watch our beloved pet suffering and not knowing what to do about it.

Dogs are not equipped with our human language for us to be able to understand the cause and source of his pain. You will know that your dog is suffering because he is whining, crying, listless, and unwilling to move and eat. When you see this happening, limit his movement as much as you are able until you can take him to the veterinarian for a more thorough check-up.

Often, the onset of arthritis is the culprit. If not, it might be food related or other ailments and sicknesses that the dog is experiencing. Find out what this is to be able to accurately treat the problem head on.

Usually, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed by vets as dog pain relievers. There are many kinds of NSAIDs available that are supposedly quite safe although you should note that there have been cases where particular dogs have not taken to these medications well. Sometimes these types of medicdog pain relieversations have even caused death.

Many pet owners are now making use of holistic and homeopathic therapies as dog pain relievers. These can be much safer because they make use of natural ingredients and herbs that deal with specific internal dysfunctions the dog is experiencing.

Some of these herbal remedies that help ease pain include chamomile, licorice and feverfew. Homeopathic hypericum and aconite may also be used for certain types of pain.

Aloe Vera cab be applied topically to cuts and wounds for its curative and soothing properties. If fleas and ticks are the source of  your dog’s discomfort, you can rub your dog with eucalyptus, rosemary, or fennel to sooth the discomfort and also repel the nasty pests. Make sure you keep their eyes, nose, ears and genitalia clear from these herbal blends.

dog pain relieversAt times, your dog is in pain because of a surgery or operation that he had to undergo. Ledum can be used to accelerate the healing of tendons and ligaments; Bellis for soreness; and Phosphorus for nausea and bleeding. Arnica is also good for speeding up surgical repair, as well as muscular pain and even internal bleeding (which can also be painful).

Ask your veterinarian first before proceeding with any treatment but be aware that many vets are not in favor of “alternative” remedies of any type.

Knowing what to give a dog as a pain reliever can really help alleviate your concerns, and can certainly help your dog if she experiences pain from time to time. Knowing the cause of your dog’s pain, though, is very important, so always make sure you have investigated this first.  This will almost always require a consultation with your vet.

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