What is the Best Dog Food?

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Best Dog FoodWhat is the best dog food? This is a question that most, if not all pet owners want to know. After all, one of the major proponents of animal health is nutrition so to have a healthy and happy pet you need to know what is the best dog food out in the market today.

Best Dog Food

The primary consideration when looking for the best dog food is the ingredients included in the meals. I mean, can you imagine how bad your health will be if you eat ice cream and chips all day for a month? All that junk may taste good, but it will take its toll on your body because you don’t have the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to function properly.

It’s the same with our dogs. They need the best dog food we can provide for them. Sure these four-legged creatures may not be joining us on the dining table, but that doesn’t mean that they can eat just anything we can throw together in the pantry. Our dogs are, after all, our family and that means that we need to find the most appropriate food that we can give them for them to enjoy a fantastic quality of life.

Ingredients for the Best Dog Food

Orijen - Best Dog FoodSo we know that the ingredients should have the necessary nutrients for dogs in any type of food that would be considered to be in the category of best dog food. What are examples of these? Dogs require a high level of protein in their diet – this is especially true for performance dogs, racing dogs, pregnant dogs, nursing mothers and growing puppies. The absolute best source of protein is meat – therefore, meat should constitute a large part of your animal’s diet. Serve your dog raw and fresh meat as much as possible. Chicken, lean beef and turkey are excellent. Chop up the meat in bite sized pieces and include the bones for added calcium and minerals.

Now, most of you are probably thinking, I don’t have the time and luxury to prepare fresh food for my dog – are there other alternatives that I can give without compromising his health and well-being? The answer is yes! There are some really great dog food brands that are specially formulated to address your dog’s nutrient requirements.

Blue Buffalo Best Dog Food - WildernessMeat should be listed in the first five ingredients of the dog food label, but make sure it includes other beneficial ingredients as well. Avoid meat by-products and grains. Grains are a lower quality meat substitute that have been known to cause poor health, and meat by-products are what you call the leftover, inedible parts of the meat (beak, feet, claw, snout, etc.). They may be more inexpensive, but your dog’s health will suffer from it.

Cheap dog food may save you a few dollars, but you have to think of the long term effects of this to your dog’s health. There is a reason why some dog food brands are really cheap – it is because the quality of the products are substandard and this can result in canine sicknesses and disease in the future. It’s better to invest in the best dog food now, then pay for expensive medical bills in the future.

Processing Methods for the Best Dog Food In Cans or Bags

Wysong Dog FoodIf you prefer to give some type of commercial dog food, another factor you might want to consider when choosing what is the best dog food is the method of processing used. You can give your pet dry dog food or canned dog food, depending on your dog’s preference and needs.

When choosing dry dog food, opt for those that are dehydrated or freeze-dried. These are the gentlest forms of processing. The closer to the original form the ingredients look like, the better. If you are using dehydrated food, make sure you soak the dish in warm water for 15 to 30 minutes before giving it to your dog. You can add in chopped pieces of meat or vegetables to increase the amount of nutrients of the meal.

Natural Balance Canned Dog FoodCanned dog food is ideal for the more finicky dogs. This kind of dog food is usually more aromatic and will stimulate your dog’s senses to want to eat more. Canned dog food also contains more moisture so if your dog needs to have more water in his diet, give him canned dog food for his meals.

I know there are a lot of companies that claim to have products that are good for your dog, but these are some of the brands that I personally think are awesome: Natural Balance dog food, Taste of the Wild dog food, Solid Gold dog food, Acana dog food, Innova dog food, Canidae dog food, Fromm dog food, Chicken Soup dog food, and Blue (Blue Buffalo) dog food. Click on the links in this article to find out more about these premium dog food brands today.

What is the best dog food? I’ve given you the tools and the tips – now take your pick. Invest in your dog’s best health and give him the absolute best life when you give your dog the best dog food.

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