What is Dog Kidney Failure?

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What is Dog Kidney Failure?

Dog Kidney FailureDog kidney failure is one of the most upsetting diseases that can happen to our pets. I don’t know if you ever had a dog that have suffered from this condition, but when nothing has been done to adequately treat kidney abnormalities in the earlier stages, the symptoms and effects of renal failure is very painful and debilitating to the poor animal.

Dog Kidney Failure – what is it?

This canine disease usually develops over a period of years as the dog’s kidneys gradually lose its ability to effectively filter out the toxins from the bloodstream. However, this does not mean that only aged dogs suffer from kidney failures. Many times when a dog (of any age) ingests something harmful like anti-freeze, or food substances that are bad for him, the kidneys will experience rapid and unexplained deterioration which often results in serious consequences, even death.

Symptoms of Dog Kidney Failure

Dog Kidney FailureHealthy kidneys are able to concentrate pollutants in the bloodstream in less amounts of urine. Therefore, one of the first symptoms of canine renal failure is the increased frequency of the dog to urinate. Aside from urinating more often, the dog will also likely be nauseous and have diarrhea. Because the dog dehydrated, you will also notice him to be thirstier than usual also.

If you suspect that your pet might be developing kidney diseases, monitor him when he urinates. A dog urinating blood means that he might be suffering from canine kidney stones. Kidney or bladder stones lodge themselves in critical areas and will infect the bloodstream. This condition will cause more damage to his other internal organs when it is not dealt with properly.

Dog Kidney Failure – What to Do

Dog Kidney FailureThere are several options available for the treatment of renal diseases. If there are obstructions in the bladder, surgery is sometimes administered. Dialysis is another alternative, but its safety is debated by many pet owners and veterinarians. There are also antibiotics, medications and special herbal remedies that help rectify kidney malfunction you can study for your dog’s treatment.

Of course, even better than having to cure the disease it is always best if preventative measures are in place to ensure your dog’s best health. A good diet is essential. Provide food that are rich in vitamins and nutrients to boost his immune system. A strong immune system will be more equipped to ward off possible infections that try to come against your pet all the time.

Dog Kidney FailureIt is important that your dog flushes out any harmful substances as often as possible so make it a point to give your dog fresh water as often as possible. Take him out for exercise daily. This will not only to give him ample opportunity to defecate/urinate and rid his body of toxins exercise is also great for encouraging good blood circulation.

Remember, if you at any time suspect that your pet might be suffering from dog kidney failure, you must go to the vet and have him examined immediately. Timely and accurate treatments have been known to effectively impede the progression of most canine diseases, including dog kidney failure, thus prolonging and improving the quality of life of your beloved pet.

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