What Happens If There Are Worms in Dog Stool?

What Happens If There Are Worms in Dog Stool?

Worms in Dog StoolDo you see worms in dog stool? If you do, it can only mean one thing your dog has worm infestation and you need to give him a de-worming treatment right away.

Yes, I know it must be a disgusting sight to see, but if you must know the truth, dog worms are among the most common problems that dog owners have to deal with. Majority of all puppies born already have these internal parasites even before they don’t do anything. If this is so, then is there any hope left for all the dogs out there? The answer is yes. You can have a worm-free dog with the right preventative measures and treatments.

First of all, understand that there are many kinds of canine worms. You have the roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, pinworms and whipworms. They may vary in appearance, but they are all equally harmful to your pet. They will not only inflict pain, but cause severe health complications when left untreated for long.

Female pinworms often reside in the animal’s intestines, but they are reported to travel dowWorms in Dog Stooln the anus at night to lay their eggs. If your dog has pinworms, you can find worms in their stool especially if it is the first stool of the day. Long, segmented tapeworms can also be found in the dog’s feces. Many times you can see tiny, wriggling, broken pieces of the tapeworms moving around in the stool.

If they have worm in their feces, it is highly likely that they are experiencing extreme itchiness in their anus region. Your pet might be often found butt scooting or dragging his butt across the floor to relieve him of some of the itchiness. If not, he will scratch his behind on a post or furniture because of the itchiness these worms are causing him.

When you see this, be careful in handling your dog. Several of these worm types can infect humans by accidental ingestion or even simple skin penetration. Always wash and sanitize your hands after you hold your dog. Immediately take him to a holistic vet to ask for a natural de-worming remedy you can give him. There are many herbs that can help in keeping your dog worm-free safely and effectively.

Worms in Dog StoolNow that you know that feces is a breeding ground for canine worms, do your best in making sure that your home is clean from this at all times. Get rid of stool even in your backyard as soon as you see it. Sometimes, puppies lick stool and this is a surefire way of internal parasites getting into his system. If he is vomiting or is experiencing diarrhea, have him checked right away. This is another sign of worms in dogs.

Do not wait to find worms in dog stool before you give your dog a good de-worming treatment. Give him a healthy diet always and use natural remedies in de-worming your dog regularly. You can be sure to enjoy a healthier and happier dog when you do.

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