What Are Pin Worm Symptoms?

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What Are Pin Worm Symptoms?

Pin worms symptomsIf you are a pet owner, you cannot help but want the best for your pet. It makes you happy when you see your dog in all his tail-wagging glory. Conversely, it’s a frustrating feeling to see your dog in the throes of some sort of canine condition and not know what it is. When you know the symptoms of a certain dog sickness, you can take the necessary actions to treat it effectively. Here are common pin worms symptoms that you should know about.

First of all, you might be wondering what are pin worms? These are a type of worm that besets the canine population. Unfortunately, it can be transmitted to humans. It is said that more than 200 million people all over the world has pin worm infestation. If you suspect that your dog has worms, isolate him from children. It is very possible that pets transfer this internal parasite to people through frequent contact.

Pin worm in dogs are very common. They often dwell in the intestines and lay their eggs in the area of their host’s anus so if you want to check if your dog has this, his first stool in the morning should be checked. The female pin worm will lay around 15,000 eggs at any given point.

Pin worms symptomsYou will notice that one of the symptoms of a person or a dog that has pin worm is an itchy butt. A person will often scratch this area and will likely get the eggs of the pin worm in his hand. If he doesn’t wash his hands with soap and water, he will cause this infestation to spread. Dogs are prone to scratch their butt, or drag their behind over the floor to relieve it of itchiness. If you see your dog doing this, have him examined by the vet right away.

Other symptoms of worm infestation include diarrhea, low levels of energy, loss of weight, a dull coat of hair and coughing. There are many medications out there that will treat the symptoms but be very careful about what you give your dog. Remember, you need to treat the root and not just the symptoms. Moreover, when you pump too much chemicals in your dog’s system, it will be more detrimental to his health and this may show up after a few years.

Pin worms symptomsTo avoid spreading this worm, you need to practice good hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly after you play with your dog and teach your children to do so as well. Children are more susceptible because they spend more time with pets and they have weaker immune systems than adults. Remove feces as soon as you see them lying around in your home or backyard because this is where the eggs are. Disinfect the place when he eliminated.

Pin worms symptoms are not always obvious so you must be vigilant of any behavioral and physical changes in your dog. Take him to regular vet visits and provide him with a well-balanced and nutritional diet at all times to ensure his best health.

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