Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry is Big Business

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry is Big Business

Golden Retriever Dog and PuppyDr Andrew Jones, DVM, has some important points to make about the veterinary pharmaceutical industry versus a more holistic approach to pet care, including veterinary care.

Here is what Dr Jones said recently:

” The Pharamceutical Industry is approaching a TRILLION DOLLAR industry worldwide – Much bigger than the economies of several countries.”

– That statement alone is mind boggling, don’t you think?

Dr Jones then goes on to point out that because the pharmaceutical industry is so enormous, it has the capacity, and in fact takes active steps, to influence all of us in a variety of ways.

How? – I hear you ask.  Well, here is what Dr Jones said:

” … Via overt advertising…videos and stories of HAPPY people and pets because they are on a anti-inflammatory drug.”

– You know the type of ads he is talking about. Bouncing, healthy looking dogs racing through meadows having a great time … I’ve seen many of these types of ads for dog foods, some of which are produced by these pharmaceutical giants.  There are also many ads for human drugs showing people who look as if they’re enjoying life to the max, and looking in peak health. The ads for drugs for pets are fewer, but they are definitely increasing.

The pharmaceutical companies have HUGE advertising budgets.

They have spent huge amounts of money finding out how best to Influence people.  And they do a pretty good job – they know just what to focus on to get our attention and get their point across that the use of their particular products is going to enhance our lives.

Let’s get back to what Dr Jones was saying …

” Big Pharma and Government policy. One of the HIGHEST paid team of lobbyists at Capitol Hill in Washington are lobbying on behalf of the Drug Industry. This literally influences and shapes Government policy…

Then via your healthcare provider, who can be influenced by the drug ”rep’ who ostensibly ‘educates’ them on the pharmaceuticals.

When I first started in Veterinary practice, I was treated to more than a few meals and beers by my oh so friendly drug representative… It’s then natural to prescribe their drug of choice.”

– And don’t forget that this is coming from a vet who now eschews conventional veterinary drugs to a large degree – he was himself influenced to prescribe certain medications by these drug reps taking him out for a meal!

” Then there is the institutions that educate your Heath Care Providers – many receive funding from some of the Pharmaceutical Companies.

Our mindset is that we now WANT instant results and gratification … and there is a pill for this.

All in all can you see HOW you or your pet are likely to be on a variety of conventional medications?

So what can YOU do? Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry

Be an INVOLVED Patient and Pet Owner

ASK a TONNE of Questions.

About side effects.

About Alternatives.

About Safer Options or IF the drug is even needed.

Take matters into your OWN hands.

And PREVENT Disease in the first place. ”

Dr Jones is of the view that a good way of doing this is by giving your dog a supplement.  I am all for giving a good supplement, but the importance of diet should not be overlooked either.  A healthy diet is essential for your dog’s health.  Dr Jones stresses this, also.

So let’s get back to what Dr Jones has to say about supplements, as well as diet …

WHY is a Supplement Needed?

There are far too many sick and chronically ill pets – diabetes, liver disease, cancer, allergies, arthritis, autoimmune disease.

HOW do I know?

I see these sick pets on a DAILY basis. And unfortunately I am seeing some very ill pets at younger and younger ages.

Many experts have called it a ‘Pet Health Crisis’


There are MANY reasons, BUT the single most IMPORTANT cause is POOR QUALITY NUTRITION.

ALL nutrition can NOT come in a bag.

In spite of those glossy marketing brochures.

It’s NOT possible.

Would you eat the same processed/extruded/nutrient devoid/toxin filled food every day and then NOT expect to get sick?

So WHAT can YOU do to keep your dog healthy and prevent disease?

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry is Big BusinessIMPROVE you dog’s nutrition every day.

SUPPLEMENT your dog’s food.

Give them a QUALITY Dog Health Supplement.

Here’s where you can grab your Bottle NOW:

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