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Vegetarian Dog FoodTo keep our dogs healthy, we must be consistent in giving them good, nutritional food. This is something that every responsible pet owner knows. Many recommend a vegetarian dog food diet, is it really good for our pets?

Dogs primarily need protein in their diet and meat is the best source of this. Fresh meat like chicken, turkey and lean beef are oftentimes recommended by vets because they contain essential minerals that greatly benefit the dog’s health. There are instances though that dogs cannot take meat so what they need is vegetarian dog food to keep them healthy.

There are some instances where its not a good idea for dogs to eat meat because meat can be too high-fat for weight sensitive dogs. When dogs reach an unreasonable weight, they are more likely to acquire dog diseases so vets often put them on a vegetarian dog food diet. This type of diet is reported to be less stressful to the canine’s liver. It can also be better for allergic dogs because some meat can sometimes contain various contaminanVegetarian Dog Foodts and toxins that we do not know about.

The problem with giving dogs vegetarian food is that he can miss out on a lot of essential vitamins and minerals that meat has. To compensate for this, introduce other elements in your dog’s daily meals. You can include eggs, soy beans, green peas, tofu, wheat germ, beans and nuts. These are protein substitutes that your dog can use in place of meat.

Also, you can also remove the uncooked bones in meat and put them in the meals. Bones are a fantastic source of calcium and potassium. It’s also good for improving the dog’s gums and teeth (as with other crunchy fruits and veggies like raw carrots and apples). If you want to cook the meat, then grind the bones and sprinkle it all over the meal. Cooked bones are known to splinter and be a choking hazard to the animal.

Vegetarian Dog FoodIf you don’t have time to research or plan on vegetable food you can give, you can go online to find high quality vegetarian dog food for your beloved pet. You can also consider dietary supplements to make sure that your dog receives all the nutrients he needs to stay as healthy as possible.

Let your dog enjoy the benefits of the best vegetarian dog food in the market today when you click on the links in this article today. Enjoy!

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