Vaccination Protocol

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Vaccination Protocol

pet vaccinationIt’s always refreshing when vets are open and up front about the pet vaccination issue.

As you may know, I stopped vaccinating my dogs when they were 8 years old.  So they have not been vaccinated now for the past 6 years.  I only wish I had known earlier how unnecessary, and yes, harmful, regular annual vaccinations are.  Had I known the facts, I would have stopped years before.

Some vets, such as the eminent Dr Jean Dodds, who I have been fortunate to hear speak in person, actively spread the word that annual vaccinations are not required.  But the vast majority of vets continue to advise pet owners that ongoing vaccinations are essential, even though the evidence is clearly to the contrary.

Dr Andrew Jones is another kindred spirit where vaccinations are concerned.  As you would expect from any responsible vet, he does not say you should do away with vaccinations altogether, but he gives the following recommendations for vaccinating your dog:

Puppy Vaccination Regimen:

8 weeks:

Parvovirus (MLV – Modified Live Vaccines) and Distemper (MLV) pet vaccination

12 weeks:

Parvovirus (MLV) and Distemper (MLV)

Only give Bordatella vaccines if going to a kennel or puppy class

6 months:

Give Rabies vaccine (killed)

Adult Dogs:

1 year:

Parvovirus (MLV) and Distemper (MLV)

1 1/2 years:

Rabies vaccine (killed)

No further vaccines for 3 years.

4 years:

Parvovirus (MLV) and Distemper (MLV)

4 1/2 years:

Rabies vaccine (killed) Vaccinations for dogs

After this, in Dr Jones’ opinion, no further vaccinations are required. Ever.

Of course, State or local laws may require you to vaccinate against Rabies, in which case you have a legal obligation to do so, even though medically there is no requirement for this.

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8 thoughts on “Vaccination Protocol

  1. Karen

    Thanks for spreading the word about vaccinations. People are just so programmed to get annual vaccines in their dogs that they just don’t think to question or investigate its necessity or safety.
    I firmly believe that people need to wake up and educate themselves instead of relying on strangers (your vet) to tell you how to take care of your dogs health.

  2. Colin

    I would love to reduce my dogs vaccinations but I don’t know of a single kennel that will board a dog without seeing a vaccination certificate.

  3. Mary

    I agree completely about not over vaccinating our pets. I have lost 3 dogs in two years and I believe it was partly caused by this very thing. I didn’t know until a couple of years ago how harmful it is to our pets to vaccinate them annually as our vets have suggested. It was not until I found the information written by Dr. Jones did I realize that we were pumping poison into our animals needlessly. The two young dogs that I have now are only going to get the minimum number as suggested above, they are eating a much better food and they are on Dr. Jones’ supplement to boot. I guess the old saying less is more is really true.

  4. Dogs forever

    Thanks for highlighting this issue and many others.

    I had my dogs vaccinated up until they were 2.5 yrs and then stopped putting my girls through this death sentence – I hear from so many people at work who regularly take their dogs to have vaccinations and then a few weeks later they end up going back because something else crops up believed to be as a side affect of the vaccination. It is sole destroying for me to hear of this as it is so unnecessary to put their pets through it. My dogs are now 8yrs young and I use to compete regularly meeting many other dogs from the UK or the continent!

    Why can’t the vets stand up and be counted instead of following the majority, probably because they are funded by the companys which produce the drugs as well as the dog feed companys they prescribe feed from!

    Dogs forever

  5. Helen James

    Hello Brigitte I have beeen told that vaccinations are only necessary every 3 years but vets do send annual reminders. The one always recomended here is the one against weils disease. It begins with an L.not quite sure of the actual spelling. Helen

  6. Gail Cerulo

    My dos is a diabetic service dog/ drs offices hospitals. He goes through 3 different states to go with me to heart clinic. We hve given hom vaccines 4 lymnes disease because of the deer and ticks/ often hve deer in our yard. We are unsure of necessary shots he needs since he travels n placeswirh germs and reststops! Any suggestions would b helpful thanks

  7. Brigitte Smith

    Yes, it’s certainly a major issue, Colin.

    There are a few kennels that agree to board dogs who have had homeopathic “vaccinations”, but I think you will need to look hard to find them.


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