Understanding Tape Worms In Dogs

Understanding Tape Worms In Dogs

Tape Worms In DogsDog worms are a common foe that our dogs often have to deal with. It seems like a small enough matter, but actually if nothing is being done about them, they can cause serious health complications to your pet. There are many kinds of worms, one of which is the tape worm. What are tape worms in dogs and how can we avoid this?

Tape worms are characterized by its tape-like, segmented appearance that is actually visible to our naked eye. You can even see the broken pieces still moving around the infected dog’s anus and stool. These internal worms are typically transmitted to the animal through ingestion of infested feces or by fleas. You need to have your dog checked to verify is he does have these worms present in his body.

A dog with tape worms will not always have symptoms. However, if there are a lot of worms inside his system, you will notice some of these signs. Excessive scratching, abdominal pain, headaches and diarrhea will show up. As his condition worsens, digestive problems, vomiting, dizziness, allergies and anemia will manifest.

Tape Worms In DogsWhen this happens, you need to have your dog examined right away for a more accurate diagnosis. Remember, there are different kinds of worms, and oftentimes these worms will have different symptoms and treatments so it is important that you know what it is exactly that is besetting your dog.

Many de-worming over-the-counter medications are available in drugstores and canine shops. It is highly dangerous though that you use strong drugs to kill the internal parasites, because you are inevitably damaging your dog’s internal systems as well. Especially since de-worming taking medications are not a one-time event, they need to be consistently administered to prevent re-infestation.

Harsh chemicals, even in small doses, given to the dog regularly will be more detrimental to him in the years to come. I cannot stress the use of natural de-worming treatments strongly enough. Organic herbs contain natural properties that safely kill the worms and furthermore, improve your dog’s state of health. Check out the links in this article for a natural treatment that is trusted by many pet owners world wide.

Tape Worms In DogsHow can you prevent your dog from getting worms? The most important thing is to practice good hygiene. Clean your hands thoroughly after you pet and play with your dog. Remove feces from your home and backyard as soon as you see them, and sanitize his area with saline solution and let dry. This is said to effectively kill the worms that might be present. Have your dog tested for worms every six months to make sure he is clean.

Tape worms in dogs are common occurrences, but they are not fatal or super hard to get rid off if you take the necessary preventative actions. It is also important to build up your dog’s immune system so that he will be more able to fight infections that may come to his body. Give him fresh, healthy food and beneficial health supplements regularly.

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