The Learning Dog: Healthy Treats To Reinforce Your Learning Pooch

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dog treatsHelping your dog to learn new tricks and follow obedience commands can be facilitated in various ways. However, if you would like to use a safe and easy process to encourage him to participate, try feeding him with dog treats to reinforce him. Using treats as the primary component of your reward-punishment system is a good means for your pet to respond to commands easily. If he is able to perform the commands that you asked him to do or if he behaves the way you commanded him to, giving him treats is an action to let him know that he is doing the right thing. If he failed to follow the command or behaves unruly, refuse giving him treats as a means of punishment.

Dog treats can be used in several means. You could use it to teach your dog to do what he is ordered to and you could also use these snacks to encourage him to be obedient, to have an active attitude and to behave the way he should in certain situations. Treats are also representations of how pleased you are with your pet’s actions. They are also good replacements for praises and tapping if they don’t work while you’re training your pet.

If you are to use dog treats as a part of your pet’s tricks and obedience training, you have to use them interchangeably with praises. Giving him too much treats could encourage him to become dependent on the snacks you provide to him and in the long term would cause him not to follow your commands if there are no treats involved. You must also remember that treats must only be used during the initial stages of his learning process and should slowly be withdrawn and replaced with praising and patting. When not in training, you should not provide the same treats that you give to him when he is learning.wellness dog food

There are various kinds of treats; some are quite simple like cookies and can be used as rewards, while others are designed to aid in digestion and clean the teeth of canine pets. When buying treats, it is important that you know what purpose it will serve in order for you to make the right purchasing decision. It would also be wise to opt for treats made from natural or organic ingredients to safeguard the safety and health of your pet against hazardous preservatives and other synthetic ingredients that are usually contained in generic canine treats. It won’t be difficult to find healthy natural or organic treats for your dog because there are many dog food lines today that offer such kinds of edible products and one of them is Wellness dog food.

Wellness dog food specialize in natural meals and treats for pooches. All their products, including their treats, are made from all-natural ingredients that are human-grade in quality. If your pet is on diet, Wellness’ “pure rewards” treats will definitely complement him as these treats are free from grains and contain minimal ingredients that are appropriate for the nutritional needs of dieting pets. On the other hand, their “Wellbars and Wellbites” snacks are among the most preferred complementary treats that reinforce the immune system and overall health of pets. Wellness also has this so-called “just for puppy treats” that are ideal for young pooches as they are made from a unique combination of healthy ingredients like salmon, lamb, carrots, blueberries and flaxseed.

Burns dog foodAside from Wellness, another dog food company that offer healthy treats for canine pets is Burns dog food. All their products are formulated by a veterinary surgeon, ensuring that pets will receive the healthiest meals and treats they deserve. They offer a wide variety of treats both for senior canines and puppies. Their “Burns dog training treats” are ideal as training treats for pets, while their “Burns venison tongues” are perfect treats to keep your furry friend preoccupied for a short period of time. The said dog food line also created healthy treats for pets with sensitivities to meat or other protein sources which they call “Burns venison ears” and “burns venison hearts.”

Using dog treats while training your dog is probably the safest and most effective means for him to learn the commands you ask him to execute. If you are looking for training treats, you might want to try the ones made by Wellness dog food or by Burns dog food. All the products of these dog food lines, including their treats, are proven safe and healthy for canine pets.

– Brigitte Smith

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