The Foundation For Good Dog Health

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dog healthIsn’t it shocking how many sick dogs there are in the world today? I am absolutely sure that more than half of those dogs have loving and caring masters who only want the best for them and yet, they get sick and suffer a poor quality of life. Dog health is becoming a problem that every pet owner should prioritize.

What do you know about dog health? If you are like me, I had a lot of dog health questions that I wanted the answers to when I first got my dog. Basically, if you want your dog to stay as healthy as possible, you need to make sure that you give him healthy food, engage him in regular exercise and take him to the vet periodically.

Food is a major proponent of dog health. What are the things that go in your dog’s system? The best diet to give your pet is the BARF or commonly referred to as the bones and raw food diet. Keep in mind that this was the diet of dogs in the wild and they thrived. Raw meat in particular, is very beneficial to the carnivorous canine.

dog healthDon’t worry about serving your dog food that is uncooked. Bacteria are not known to last long in the dog’s intestines. More than that, the natural vitamins and minerals as found in fresh fruits and vegetables will boost your pet’s immune system and make him better equipped to fight off sicknesses and diseases. When you feed him fruits, do not forget to remove the piths before your dog eats them. Piths and seeds contain properties that can cause poisoning to the poor animal.

If it is not possible for you to prepare raw food for your pet, there are other possible alternatives that are good for the dog.  Several premium pet food brands offer products that have amazing benefits for the dog. Choose carefully and avoid commercial dog food that have a lot of preservatives in them. The more organic and natural the product is the better. Go to the links in this site to find the absolute best high quality dog food brands in the market today.

dog healthExercise is another essential factor in dog health. Engaging your pet in physical activity will keep him fit and in his ideal weight. Remember, overweight dogs are prone to develop canine sicknesses like arthritis, diabetes, and other painful health conditions.  Refrain from extreme sports like Frisbee that will place undue stress on his joints. Instead, opt for daily walks around the park, swimming, or light jogging for his exercise.

Aside from keeping him physically fit, exercise is also integral for good cardiovascular health. You also encourage him to do his business outdoors as you take your dog out for exercise. Always let him drink clean wadog healthter to cleanse his system and rehydrate him, then bring him out to train him to do potty outside your house.

Of course, timely visits to the vet rounds off the foundational elements in keeping your dog healthy. You don’t know if your dog has developed some health conditions over the years. When you detect these complications before it escalates, you have more options for treatment and your dog has a better chance for complete recovery. You can also ask your trusted vet dog health questions and tips that can further help you improve your dog’s health.

Investing in products that will ensure dog health is a must. When you do, your dog will not only live longer, he will look better, have excellent disposition, and enjoy a fantastic quality of life as well. Now isn’t that worth your while? Enjoy!

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