The Doggie Door – Funny Dog Story

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Hi Brigitte

Here’s a funny story for you – although not for us at 2.30 am!

Funny Dog StoryOur little rescue dog Tilde has come along in leaps and bounds, she is the healthiest happiest bounciest dog I know (I’m biased of course) However, there was one thing she could not master – the doggie door! She could get in easily but never attempted to go out through it. I tried luring her with everything but she just would not budge. It was starting to get a bit annoying considering we had spent quite a bit of money to get it installed yet were still having to open the big door for her. Also, she was never too pleased about going out when it was wet – I could see that she would ‘hang on’ til the very last minute before going for a toilet break.

A few weeks ago at 2.30 am during pouring rain we heard Tilde barking in the kitchen she NEVER barks) and thumping and banging – my immediate thought was an intruder so I stayed in bed! David went to investigate and I could hear him saying – stop, come here, no no, give me that – I could hear the bathroom cupboard door opening and thought I could hear the mop being used, I was intrigued to say the least.

In the middle of a raining night for a reason only another dog would understand Tilde had woken up and gone OUT the doggie door in the pouring rain, dug up a filthy old bone and dragged it back into the kitchen soaked to the skin. She then proceeded to play throw and chase! There was mud everywhere and Tilde took some persuading to give up the bone and be dried off – then the floor had to be mopped. We are still scratching our heads but Tilde now uses her door for in AND out.

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