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Find out more about the best dry dog food and enjoy more memorable years with your pet when you do … Repeat after me: We, the dog lovers of the world, do promise to provide well to my canine companion so that he can enjoy the fullness of his canine years. If you said this, you are committed to ensuring your dog’s health and a big part of that means feeding him a good diet!


Best Dry Dog Food


Best Dry Dog FoodWhat goes inside the best dry dog food? I know everyone has their own brands that they use for their dog, but are they beneficial to our furry friends? What are your considerations when purchasing your dog’s next meal? Do you know what your dog needs in his diet?

The mistake many unsuspecting dog owners make is that when they buy their pet’s food, they go by the advertisements and promos. This shouldn’t be the case. Colorful pictures of canines full of vigor and doggie cuteness do not a healthy meal make, nor are cheap bags of dog kibble. More than the packaging and discounted prices, it is what’s inside the bag of food that really counts.

That’s right, if you want to know the best dog foods, you need to research on the ingredients and processing that goes in to the product. Knowing about the company that manufactures them won’t hurt as well. This might seem like extra work, but believe me, it will pay off in the long run.


Best Dry Dog Food Ingredients


Best Dry Dog FoodWhy is processing important? The fact of the matter is that even if there are good ingredients in the dog food, the value will be greatly compromised with unhealthy processing methods. There are several methods that companies can utilize, but not all of them are equally beneficial. What you need to take care of is to moderate the amount of artificial additives included in the products.

You might be wondering how much chemicals are being put inside the bag, it can’t be that much, right?,  but actually it is highly possible that it is. You see, the pet food industry is a multi-million business that is often run alongside human food companies, meaning the by-products (or unwanted parts) of some of the human food is relegated to food given to animals.

For example, you would NEVER think of serving chicken beaks or pig’s snout to your dog would you? But the fact of the matter is, many pet owners do without even knowing it because that is what is included in some commercial dog food products. You can imagine how unpalatable this would be, not to mention disgusting looking. This is why chemicals and preservatives are loaded into the bags to stabilize their appearance and mask the taste.

Aside from the chemicals, the heat applied to food to preserve them plays a big role in what makes good dog food. The nutrient value of vitamins, minerals and especially amino acids are significantly lowered when it is subjected to high levels of heat over a longer processing time. Moreover, high temperatures are reported to encourage formation of carcinogenic substances.

What are some examples of these methods? The most common one that we see in the cheaper pet food is kibble. Typically they are cooked in high temperature for short periods of time, and then cooked again. There is not a lot of nutrients left after. Canned dog food is better because they contain fresh meat and provide extra hydration to the dog’s diet, but high heat is still used that we need to be careful of. The best dry dog food types are recommended because this processing is done with lower temperature than the others.


Dehydrated Best Dry Dog Food


Best Dry Dog FoodDehydrating is a long-standing way of preserving food. This is simply taking out the moisture from food. Food is dried using low heat, removing about 90% of the moisture and the food retains most of the nutrients. Dehydrated dog food should be soaked in warm water for about 30 minutes before feeding it to the dog. Freeze drying is another method that removes the food’s moisture without taking away valuable nutrients. These dry food processing techniques inhibit bacteria and enzymes that damages the nutrients in the food.

The best dry dog food is priced more than the commercial kibble so many dog owners shy away from buying these. People may think that they are saving money by opting for the cheaper dog food, but in reality, you will end up spending more on future health problems that bad dog food are prone to cause. Invest in your dog’s nutrition and you will not regret it.

Find out more about the best dry dog food  for your precious dog to benefit his health right now.


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