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Annual Vaccinations – Are They Necessary?

You probably receive an annual reminder from your vet that your dog is due for his/her annual checkup and vaccinations. I do.

But annual vaccinations are NOT a necessity. In fact, all current veterinary protocols indicate that annual vaccinations are not required, and can in fact be harmful.

Choosing Suitable Dog Boarding Kennels

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Choosing suitable dog boarding kennels is an issue that many pet owners have to face at one time or another – sometimes quite regularly.

If you’re lucky like me, you may have a neighbor who loves your dogs almost as much as you do and is prepared to look after them when you go away so you never need to worry about a pet boarding kennel.

Dog Vaccinations

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Many of us have learned the hard way that we cannot rely on our veterinarians to inform us about the negative aspects of dog vaccinations, and various drugs prescribed for pets. Many veterinarians continue to withhold information from their clients. Certainly not all vets are guilty of this but unfortunately many are, and truly good vets are difficult to find.

Dog Health

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Dog Health

Here at Healthier Dogs, you can be assured that you’ll be finding lots of information on dog health. How else will you be able to make your dog healthier without knowing a lot about dog health? Exactly!

Over the past 3 years I’ve built up the Healthy Happy Dogs site, which is a site dedicated to dog health. And if you requested the free dog health report over there, and have been receiving the Healthy Happy Dogs dog health newsletter, you’ll know that dog health is a real passion of mine.

Dog Health Diagnosis

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When your dog is not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is worry that there is something seriously wrong. So it’s important to see your veterinarian for a dog health diagnosis, and to do this on a regular basis.

Dog Vaccines

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More on dog vaccinations and whether they are necessary, particularly if your vet advocates annual vaccinations – hint: there is no published research that indicates that there is any necessity for dog vaccines to be administered on a yearly basis.