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Dog Nutrition Information

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New dog owners need to take a lot of time and effort to be properly educated with appropriate dog nutrition information prior to adopting a pet. It’s naive to assume that dogs just look for daily sustenance and affection. It should not be difficult to figure out what dogs need, since dogs have many of the same needs and concerns that people have…. Read more »

Best Dog Foods in Australia

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Best Dog Foods in Australia

Several of my Australian readers have recently asked me about the best dog foods available in Australia. Dog owners in the U.S. really don’t know how lucky they are. Although the majority of dog foods in the U.S. are absolute rubbish, there are actually quite a few excellent quality dog foods available there. This is not necessarily the case in… Read more »

Quality Dog Food

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Quality dog food is something all pet owners should agree on investing for their pets. When you make a commitment to give your dog only the best dog food there is, you are giving your pet not just a longer life span, but a better quality of life as well. If we are talking about quality dog food, the best… Read more »