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Poodle Grooming

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If you are reading this, you probably have yourself a poodle. Let me ask you something why did you choose to adopt a poodle? I bet it’s probably because poodles are beautiful and striking looking dogs, right? If this is so, then you really need to learn the basics of poodle grooming so you can continue enjoying the benefits of… Read more »

Dog Grooming

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Dog grooming, and your dog’s physical state generally influences both the way he feels, and the way you look at your dog. Lack of appropriate care – most particularly bathing and grooming, can also affect the behavior of your dog. Good dog grooming not only infuses a healthy glow to your dog’s appearance, but also helps develop his self-esteem, believe… Read more »

Miniature Poodle

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You will see many celebrities toting around one of the cutest dog breeds there are – the Miniature Poodle. This adorable fur ball makes even the most un-dog lover of people to go out and adopt one himself.   Miniature Poodle What is the difference between a Standard Poodle and a Miniature one? The Miniature Poodle measures at 28 to… Read more »

Standard Poodle

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If you want a unique, intelligent and sociable dog, then the Standard Poodle is the dog for you. The top 2 smartest dog is a popular breed loved by people from all over the world. While the Standard Poodle looks elegant and frou-frou, they are actually a very helpful pet to have around. In fact, their ancestors were once used… Read more »