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Toy Dog Breeds

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Contrary to common perception, there is no law preventing animals from living in nursing homes. It is up to the eldercare facility to allow – or disallow – pets. The calming influence of any pet, especially one that will transfer affections to everyone equally, is a wonderful aid for patient facilities. You don’t have to reside in an eldercare facility to enjoy toy dog breeds. They do provide companionable joy for many who otherwise would be concerned about space, exercise and care requirements of a larger breed of dog.

Adolescent Dogs and Acne

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As if your teenager complaining about a pimple is not enough, now your beloved pooch is rubbing his face across your carpet. Upon closer examination, you find that the two teenagers (the adolescent dog and human) are both suffering from the same thing: acne. There are certain breeds of dogs that are susceptible to the skin problem. Normally, the acne is more bothersome than anything, but sometimes treatment is necessary. Once your veterinarian confirms the presence of acne, you can find products to help your dog have clear skin.