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Pet Vaccinations Facts

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Here is some quite comprehensive information about pet vaccinations – and whether or not you should vaccinate your dog (or cat). The author is Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM – one of the relatively few vets who pulls no punches, and will tell you that annual vaccinations are NOT needed! Read on … Vaccination Overview by Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM You… Read more »

Dog Parvo Symptoms

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If you suspect your dog may have Parvo Virus, whatever you do, don’t delay. This is an aggressive virus that will very likely kill your dog if left untreated. And it will happen quite quickly. There is no time to lose at all. Act now. And if you’re not sure how do identify dog parvo virus symptoms, find out all you need to know about parvo symptoms, in this article.

Understanding Heart Failure In Dogs

Heart Failure in Dogs Congestive heart failure in dogs it is said that roughly 1 out of 10 canines are diagnosed with this condition every year. It is caused by the gradual weakening of the heart muscle which results in its inability to pump adequate blood. The organ then tries to balance this out by beating faster, which eventually just… Read more »

Annual Vaccinations – Are They Necessary?

You probably receive an annual reminder from your vet that your dog is due for his/her annual checkup and vaccinations. I do.

But annual vaccinations are NOT a necessity. In fact, all current veterinary protocols indicate that annual vaccinations are not required, and can in fact be harmful.