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Pet Food Should Be Balanced, Like Wellness Dog Food

You should only acquire an outstanding pet food for your dog. This implies not just frantically studying at prices, or buying into hype-filled advertising. Remember the 2007 massive dog food recall? Many dogs died and many thousands more suffered significant illness and permanent damage due to dozens of commercial dog food manufacturers using substandard ingredients and contaminants in their pet foods. So needless to… Read more »

Pet Food – Tips on Picking the Right One for Your Dog

Pet owners only want the best for their dogs. Like human beings, our pets need to receive proper nutrition to grow healthy and well-rounded. It is important to take great care in picking the right pet food for our canine friends. The good news is that there is a wide array of food options for dogs. Pet owners are sure… Read more »

Healthier Dogs!

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Here at Healthier Dogs, you’re going to find weekly, and often daily, updates on dog illnesses and dog health problems and their possible resolution by natural means, dog food nutrition and the best types of dog health food, as well as occasional dog recipes for homemade dog food, information on raw dog food and other premium dog food, dog grooming, dog and puppy training, dog products and so much more.

Can People Be Allergic to the Food Their Dog Eats?

I have just read a very interesting article that I just had to share with you.  I think most health conscious pet owners are aware that commercial pet food can cause all sorts of health problems in pets, including allergies that can be quite distressing to your pet if not dealt with.  But who would have thought that the food… Read more »