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External and Internal Parasites in Dogs

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. Dog owners speak highly of their pets saying that their dogs offer them unconditional love and there are many famous quotations and sayings expressing how loyal dogs are to man. Unfortunately, dogs sometimes suffer from health issues that we aren’t aware of that may cause them great discomfort and even death. Sometimes these issues… Read more »

More Ideas for Dog Flea Treatment Alternatives

 Fleas are perhaps one of nature’s worst enemies to man’s best friend. Alright so maybe that seems a bit of an exaggeration, after all, fleas aren’t fatal aren’t they? Yes and no. Fleas in and out of themselves do not cause death. They can contaminate the bloodstream of their victim which in turn, can lead to serious ailments when not cared… Read more »

Dangerous Chemicals Used for Flea Control

Should you be using Advantage flea control, Frontline flea and tick control, and other well known chemical flea control agents to get rid of fleas in your dog? I have maintained for several years that the clear answer is NO. The problem of how to get rid of fleas is an ever present one for most pet owners, but in… Read more »