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GDV – Some Frightening Facts

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A large number of pet owners (probably a large majority, actually) have no idea about this life threatening condition.

And sadly, by the time some pet owners learn about it, it is too late, and they have lost their dog to GDV.

Mastiff Health

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Your Mastiff health should never be overlooked. Everybody loves the Mastiff. This big, strong dog is one of the most popular breeds around. If you plan on buying a puppy or adopting a Mastiff, here are a few things you need to know about Mastiff health so you can be sure that you can spend many, happy years with him…. Read more »


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I was just getting ready to go out when I noticed that Kara was stumbling around and seemed a bit disoriented. Then she started dry retching inside the house – this was really unusual because she always runs outside to be sick. Nothing was coming up except some frothy white foam.