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Dog Care – Fighting Fleas

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Knowing about the options for flea treatment for pets is essential. Natural flea treatment is the option I personally go for, but I understand that many people either prefer the chemical advantage flea and tick or frontline flea treatment, or are simply not aware that natural flea treatments are in fact available.

Preventing Fleas and Other Nasties

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Fleas can carry disease and other parasites, including tapeworm. And fleas are extremely irritating for your dog. They often cause intense itching, which in turn can cause your dog to damage his/her skin by vigorous scratching.

Why Is A Natural Flea Treatment for Pets Better For Your Dog?

There are many types of flea treatment you can choose for your dog. Conventional flea treatments such as Advantage flea control, Revolution flea prevention and Frontline flea control are very popular, including among veterinarians. But can a natural flea treatment be just as effective?

Is Garlic Good For Your Dog’s Health?

Garlic for Dogs

There seems to be a bit of a controversy over dogs and garlic. Garlic is great for the immune system, and for keeping fleas away. Particularly in conjunction with brewer’s yeast, garlic can work like a charm as a natural flea treatment. But many people are worried that garlic is bad for dogs, and so are wary of giving any… Read more »