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Common Dog Health Problems

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If you have a dog, then undoubtedly at some time your dog will experience a dog health problem of some description. If you look after your dog’s health in a holistic way and focus on natural dog foods and natural dog remedies including non-chemical natural flea treatments, natural worm prevention including natural heartworm prevention, then you’re likely to come across far fewer dog health problems than if you’re feeding your dog a commercial dog food, applying chemical flea treatments and worm treatments, and so on.

How To Care For Dog Emergencies – Bleeding Wounds

Knowing what to do for your dog in various emergency situations is always useful – in fact, on occasion it could actually be life saving.

Here are some useful tips on what to do if your dog has injured himself and has a bleeding wound.

Identify and Prevent Dog Health Problems Before They Develop

Sometimes a dog may seem to be the picture of health one day, but suddenly go off their food, and the next thing you know, a terminal illness is diagnosed and your dog has only weeks, or even days, to live.

There are several steps you can take to both prevent dog health problems from arising in the first place, and to help identify dog health issues at a time when successful treatment is still possible.

Dog Allergies

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Dogs can suffer from allergies just as readily as humans can.

And there can be a variety of causes of dog allergies, just as there can with human allergies.

One thing your dog can’t tell you, though, is what he or she has come into contact with that could be causing the dog allergy.

Dog Diarrhea Treatment and What to Feed a Dog With Diarrhea

We’ve all had it, we’ve all hated it. Wait’ what were you thinking? If it’s diarrhea we’re on the same wave length. Diarrhea is uncomfortable as it is inconvenient for us as well as the animals that may be experiencing it. The good news is you can discover the best dog diarrhea treatment for your beloved canine right here, right now…. Read more »

Causes of a Dog’s Bad Breath

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The smell of a dog’s breath may not be the best smelling scent that anyone may come across. Nonetheless, wait till he smells a dog’s bad breath. By then he would have compared both and would undoubtedly prefer the normal aroma of a dog’s breath to its nasty counterpart. Apart from its foul smell, bad breath in our fave canine… Read more »

Dog Health Care Questions

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How many of you have a sick dog? We all want our pets to be healthy, but at one point in their lives they will likely have dog health problems that need to be addressed. It’s important that you know the answers to your dog health care questions to ensure a safe and happy pet. There are many dog health… Read more »