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Dog Food Coupons

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One question I’m asked on a regular basis is about dog food coupons. Many dog owners are interested in saving money on dog food, so are looking for coupons is certainly a good way to go, if we are talking about dog food coupons that give a discount on the food.  These are often advertised in flyers, delivered in your… Read more »

Dog Health Guide – Which Pet Food to Choose

Choosing the best pet food can be a challenge for confused consumers. Dog food is organized into the following types: generic or economic, veterinary prescription food, homemade, natural commercial diets, and premium dog food. Your dog’s breed, size, health, and other factors will determine your pet food choice. Here are some tips to help you choose the right dog food…. Read more »

Dog Food Coupons for Cheaper Dog Food

Dog food coupons can save pet owners a lot of money over just a few weeks. Today the cost of everything is on the way up and dog food is certainly no exception to this trend. In some instances, certain dog foods are increasing more per ounce than food for humans. Many pet owners do not want to start suddenly changing brands just to save money but they want to be budget conscious at the same time.