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Dog Information on Food Allergies

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Not only do dog allergies refer to our allergies to dog hair and dander, but also to dog’s allergies to things in their environment, such as chemicals, pollution and food. Dog allergies can manifest themselves in skin problems, like itching and hair loss, and in more advanced cases, loose bowel movements and vomiting.

Why Is Natural Dog Food Better For You Pet

Many people are quite concerned about their nutritional habits these days, so it seems logical that the the next step would be to take a good look at what they are feeding their pets. Most dog foods are loaded with filler ingredients and animal byproducts that no human could consume. If you wouldn’t be able to eat it, why would… Read more »

Homemade Dog Food

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Top Ten Best Dog Foods

Cat’s and dog’s diets have changed drastically since their domestication, as they have gone from hunting their own food to relying on their owners to feed them pre-packaged dried kibble. In the wake of the many pet food recalls in recent years, many pet owners want to know how to feed their pets safe and nutritious food. How is a pet… Read more »

Natural Dog Food Recipes

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How would you like a trip to the health farm – everything healthy and guaranteed to make you feel better and live longer? That sounds good, right? Well, we can give our pets the benefits of enjoying great health when we use natural dog food recipes. Dog Food Nutrition and Natural Dog Food Recipes Dog food nutrition is super important… Read more »

Finding Great Dog Food Recipes

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Enjoy great Dog Food Recipes <= Click Here! Finding great dog food recipes is like searching for buried treasure. Sometimes it takes a while and some effort to look for them, but when you do – it’s worth it! Imagine the happy bark of your dog, the wagging tail and the grateful slobbering at the end of a canine gastronomical… Read more »

Pet Food: Buy Nutritious And Healthy

When shopping for pet food for your canine companion, you want to take as much care as you do in picking out your own foods. Your little doggy also needs the proper combination of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional ingredients. Be aware as well that today’s family pets don’t usually get as much exercise as necessary and are likely to… Read more »

Home Cooked Dog Food Recipe – Chicken Dinner for Your Dog

6 chicken thighs, drumsticks or white meat  1 stalk celery sliced thickly 3 carrot peeled and halved 2 small potato peeled and cubed 2 cups uncooked rice Place chicken pieces in large pot. Cover with cold water (5 -6 cups). Add carrots, celery, and potatoes to water. Cover and simmer on low heat about 2 hours until the chicken becomes… Read more »

Dog Food Recipes

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Dog Health Care Questions

If you’re one of those pet owners who are super hands on with their pet, then this article is for you. You need good tips on what to look for in dog food recipes so that your noble initiative is met with a happy bark and a wagging tail. First of all, let me applaud you for taking this route…. Read more »

Dog Treats that will Benefit You and Your Beloved Pet

Ever had a puppy or dog that got sick suddenly despite being well cared for? If your answer was a resounding yes then you are definitely not the only one. Probably thousands of pet owners out there experience this as they find their pet suddenly low on energy, easily irritated and difficult to feed. A majority of health related problems… Read more »