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Dog Information on Food Allergies

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Not only do dog allergies refer to our allergies to dog hair and dander, but also to dog’s allergies to things in their environment, such as chemicals, pollution and food. Dog allergies can manifest themselves in skin problems, like itching and hair loss, and in more advanced cases, loose bowel movements and vomiting.

Dog Information Every Pet Owner Should Know

There is a strange, little known fact about pet nutrition that many pet owners are not aware of. It is that your vet may not be the best source of dog information particularly for nutrition. Veterinary schools’ nutrition courses tend to be rather short and incomplete, and pet food companies tend to push their products on vets and patients rather aggresively.

Dog Allergies

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Dogs can suffer from allergies just as readily as humans can.

And there can be a variety of causes of dog allergies, just as there can with human allergies.

One thing your dog can’t tell you, though, is what he or she has come into contact with that could be causing the dog allergy.

Healthy Homemade Dog Food for the Allergic Dog

Dog allergies can be caused by any number of factors. Sometimes your vet will be able to easily pinpoint the problem, but very often the cause can remain a mystery. Many allergies are caused by certain types of food. It is therefore very important to find healthy homemade dog food recipes that will help control the itch if your dog suffers from food related allergies.

Best Dog Food for Allergies

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Dog allergies are a common occurrence among our canine friends, and because around 10 percent of all allergic reaction come from the food that our dogs eat, it is important that we give them the best dog food for allergies to prevent this from affecting their quality of life.  So how do we determine the best dog food for allergies?… Read more »

Dog Allergies Natural Remedies

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Dog allergies natural remedies are the best way to treat your dog’s allergic reactions. Even though allergies don’t seem to be as fatal as other canine diseases, not doing anything about it will result in the dog’s poor quality of life. Dog Allergies Natural Remedies   Allergies can be caused by a number of reasons. Flea bites and a hypersensitivity… Read more »

Dog Has Allergies

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How do you know if your dog has allergies? There are different types of allergies in dogs and while the symptoms are similar, it is important that you know which type of allergy you are dealing with so you can get the correct treatment for your dog. How Do You Know if Your Dog Has Allergies?   Extreme itchiness is the… Read more »

Flint River Ranch Dog Food Review

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Flint River Ranch foods for dogs originated in 1993, when a fellow named Jim Flint decided to make it his mission to provide the finest cat and dog foods that would not only contribute to your pet’s health, but actually reduce the daily feeding cost.

Jim set up a family owned company, Flint River Ranch, for this purpose, and set to work.