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Canine Flatulence

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Dogs suffer from many of the same problems that humans do; and, unfortunately, gas is no exception. There are a number of causes of canine flatulence, and sometimes the help of a veterinarian is needed. Once you figure out -or at least have an idea- what is causing the gas, then you can work on ways to reduce the occurrences from your pet’s life. As with many other pet issues, trial and error may be your choice method.

Dogs Should Not Eat Cat Food and Vice Versa

If you have a cat and a dog indoors, then you have probably caught them stealing each other’s food once in awhile. For both animals, a little snack from the other’s food bowl is not a big deal. However, a cat that only eats dog food or a dog that really enjoys cat food can lead to health and feeding problems. So, before you overlook your pooch eating from the cat’s bowl, there are a few things to consider. If the habit has already started, then you need to work on ways to stop it.